About Him? (Question 1)

He was one of the most known architectures of the Italian Renaissance. He thought of wonderful techniques about raising constructing into position creating a dome. He got most of his ideas were inspired by the Roman architecture. One most known of his work is the Dome of The Cathedral of Florence. He has also built Santo Spirito and Pazzi Chapel.

What is the invention's purpose? ( Question 2)

His inventions purpose was to fulfill his work of the Dome and the machines that he created using it. It also was admired by people because no one had ever seen anything like the Dome because of its round shape and size.


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What part of this invention shows a change from the status quo of the Middle Ages?

1. Gothic Style, which means it had a lot of high points

2. The they moved on for the style of the color red because during that era people liked red bricks.

3. Our Artist created the style of a dome to give it a cool effect. Just look at the one next to the text.

In current culture, what is a connection to the invention?

Well all you have to do is look around. Like in construction sites you see heavy machinery. Brunelleschi inspired some of the machines designs. And Architecture during now a days may seem different, but not a lot. The Taj Mahal has a dome figure shape and the one most people Know is the Ebcot Ball


At first I asked myself Why is Brunelleschi so important? Now i know that he is the one who helped design huge machinery to help build famous architecture. Without him how could we have huge Architecture like the Disney Ebcot Ball. Imagine how sad that would be or even the small stuff like a school house now we know the important's of Brunnelleschi.