Frankenstein vs Jurassic Park

Leilani & Kaelah


Victor is the protagonist in the story of Frankenstein, who creates life from dead people`s body parts. He had an idea of a great new society, that will rid the world from depression of loved ones passing away.

Allen, the main character of Jurassic Park, was a true hero through out the movie. Saving the children from many dinosaur attacks, and having great respect for the extinct animals.

They're both considered heroes through out each of their story for their intelligent skills of getting out of situations, and being passionate in the work which they study.

Characters - Protagonist

The antagonist of Frankenstein is considered to be the monster, because the choices he made through the entire book. He killed many people, putting much in great danger, and in fear of safety from the creature.

Aside from the dinosaurs, Dennis is one of the main antagonist in Jurassic Park. His greed of needing money, for his financial issues, led him to shut down the park in order to steal the dinosaur DNA to sell to another scientist. Shutting down the park made everything go out of control and dinosaurs escaped their restricted living areas.

They both were the main reason for many lives taken, and ruined a well thought out plan in a new life.

Man Vs Himself

When Victor had to struggle with the choice of creating a female monster for the one already existing since he does feel bad that he's the only creature in the world and feels alone. Or should he not create it because of the possibility of the two mating together and producing off spring creatures, who could ruin society.

John decides to hire a limited amount of employees in order for him to make a bigger profit from the park. He did not know the power of the park though, so he didn't try to hire more people to keep everything running smoothly.

Man vs Society

Victor lets Josaphine take the blame of William's murder, due to the fact he is scared of how society react to him creating an unknown monster who is a killer. Society would turn against him, and there would be unnecessary drama and terror.

The park was created off of computers running it for the benefit of John to hire less employees. By hiring less employees he wouldn't have to share the profits with multiple people, instead just a few and he keeps the rest.


Don't try to play the role of God and mess with nature by creating life that you have limited information about.

Don't question the natures of life, because it leads to wanting more knowledge than one is not meant to have.

There is a reason for everything, including things not existing anymore, because the terrors it would cause in the world every day.

Ending Scenes

Dr. Hammond and Walton are faced with the reality to their failure of creating life. Neither of their creations functioned the way that was suppose to, and they won't change the world.

Jurassic Park is more of a happy ending with the characters escaping Jurassic Park. Frankenstein was a depressing ending with Victor dying from freezing to death on board of the Ice Breaker ship, the creature is found weeping over his dead body. The creature decides that now his creator is dead, he must die too, he walk off into the ice storm.

The Quest

Walton is on a quest to be the first man to travel to the North Pole.

Victor Frankenstein wanted to achieve bringing those who are deceased back to life, so that the world will never have to experience the pain he did when his mother passed away.

The Creature was on a quest to be accepted by at least one person in society. When no one would show him the attention he wanted, he then longed for Victor to create a female creature for him so he wouldn't be the only different one in the world.

Dr. Hammond wanted to bring back dinosaurs and make a profit off of their park attractions. He also wanted the people to enjoy the company of dinosaurs, who were once extinct.

Dr. Grant was on initially there just to tell Dr. Hammond if he would invest in the park. Through out the story his goal is to turn the power back on and to call for help, while keeping the children safe.