Quarterly KeyForce TMC Newsletter

June 2020 - August 2020 #1

Our Club... Is The Best In Town!

We are fun, lively, progressive and definitely one family! Our club is fun both onsite and online and the warmth from all our members is constant and palpable. We have not allowed the virus to slow us down at all and for this we should be proud!

What have we achieved in 6 meetings?


Big picture
The above photo is of our zoom Impromptu Speech workshop

AUG 10th: Impromptu Speech Workshop: We use this form of speech every day in any language; networking, daily conversations, TV-radio-podcast-newspaper interviews, evaluations, opinions, and of course table topics.

TMs Mariko, and Mai helped a lot! We had fun and learned different ways of giving 1-2 min answers with an introduction, body, and conclusion. A 2nd workshop was requested and it is currently being organized for November 2nd from 20:00. We will review the tips and this time all attendees will be asking and answering questions.

Prepared Speech Workshop: Upcoming on October 12th - 20:00 - 21:00. More details to follow.

Zoom workshop: As soon as Edgar is back we will have it.

Coaching: Some experienced TMs are coaching members who want extra help with various aspects of speeches. If you need help, please raise your hand and we will pair you with someone.