#MV Teach

April 2016

Reading Strategies

Radio Reading

Provides an opportunity for students to model fluent reading by communicating a message to their peers like a news announcer.

Push Your Eyes

Strategy: Read ll the words on the line in one breath. Push your eyes ahead to the end of the line, move them to the next line, then do the same on the next line.


  • Read all of this in one breath.
  • Push your eyes to the end.
  • Try it again, read to the end of the line in one breath.
  • Keep going on the next line. You haven't reached the end of the sentence yet.
  • I heard two pauses on that line. Try it once more, but don't stop until the end of the line.
  • Read it like this. (Read a line, then have the child repeat.)

From: The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo

Teaching Channel Video

Spotlight on Productive Group Work

Reading Partners

You and your partners read the same piece of text twice, and discuss its meaning.

Technology Integration

Giggle Poetry

April is Poetry Month, and Giggle Poetry is a website that contains hundreds of poems your students can enjoy reading!