Kingdom of Song Hai

Topography, climate, economic activity, boundaries, culture


The Songhai established themselves south of the NIger River. This provided transportation.

Soil: The agriculture of the songhai empire wasn't that good. Around the eastern part of the empire's land there were many droughts and land problems but around the western area there were many water masses, lakes and rivers. They were used as major agriculture points to grow food/crops.


The location of where the Songhai empire is a very rough climate. It was cool and dry from November to February and hot and wet from May to October. So the area where Songhai was is very hot and dry. It was a pretty hard place to farm crops.


The area of this empire was split into five provinces led by a governor.

Under Askia Muhammad, all governors, judges, and town chiefs were Muslim.

The emperor had total power over everyone.

Trade and farming was a major necessity and money maker in this empire.


The culture of this empire became a blend of traditional West African beliefs and also the religion of Islam.

The Daily life of the people were ruled by traditions and local customs.

There were multiple trade routes throughout the empire with the major trade of slaves, salt, and gold.

Also, the shells of Caines as a medium of exchange in the trading business.

In the 1500's it weakened due to civil wars and internal structural flaws.


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