Watch the 2016 sahara desert hunger games on March 5th!!

Watch the BEST hunger games show there is!!

If you want to watch the best hunger games show there is watch this one. Now showing on Capital HDTV!! Be sure to tune in March 1st 2016 for a special look at the reaping, a close up look at the dome, and how our fighters prepared for for this event. Also be sure to watch the people first get into the dome March 5th 2016!!!

Showing all day every day until there is one victor!

This program will be showing on Capital HDTV all day everyday starting March 5th 2016!!!!Please be sure to tune in and watch there poor poor people fight to the death in the Sahara Desert hunger games dome.

Some of our top fighters you may get a chance to watch

Guaranteed an entertaining show!!

Frequently asked questions about tour show

Where in the Sahara Desert will your dome be located?

Our dome will be located in Siwa Oasis, a place in Egypt. The siwa Oasis is a location in the Sahara Desert. Our dome will be in the place circled on the map.

Siwa Oasis Hunger Games

If you are interested in watching the 2016 Siwa Oasis Hunger Games you can get more information on the event using the following information
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