Deforestation Awareness

Ariella Kalkstein and Lia King


If the rate of deforestation continues there will be no more rain forests by 2030. The need for paper, paper goods, wooden furniture, instruments, woodworking, and construction won't decrease if people aren't aware about the important issue of deforestation.
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Primary forests are simply untouched forests in the context of logging. These forests are hard to find especially in Malaysia and Africa. Secondary forests have been logged, many of these forests are on their second or third time logging because of the need for wood. When looking at the trees you can usually see that the primary trees still have canopies and the secondary forests look "shredded".


What is the difference between clear cutting and selective tree farming?

During the process of deforestation there is two methods. Clear cutting is when the loggers take all the trees in the forest completely. Selective cutting is when only selected trees are cut and most trees are left. Selective cutting is a better option for deforestation because it doesn't take away all the trees for animals and the environment.
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Animals are affected in other ways besides losing their habitat. Without as many trees and canopy's the animals are experiencing more drastic temperature changes. The trees being taken away also takes away crucial pollen from pollinators and could lead to wiping out an entire tree species.


Deforestation emits fossil fuels which raises temperatures. On Maui we are feeling the effects of climate change through rising sea levels and rising temperatures. Many people are trying to band together on Maui to get climate justice on Maui - and in the world!



Most people are working on getting people aware and fighting against the logging companies. Those who are trying to directly recover the forests are fighting to change the laws to make deforestation a more ethical process. Another way they are trying to help is to convince logging companies to use the right methods for taking trees.


When deforestation is discussed many people look to change the laws, change the process, or just make deforestation better. One thing that many people don't mention is if there is less of a need for wooden products, the deforestation companies will be affected. If this was to work almost everyone in America would have to do their research and stop buying the wooden or paper products.

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