Autumn Creek Elementary Newsletter

September 8, 2021

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Principal's Message

I want to thank all of the fathers and male role models who joined us last week for our Watch D.O.G.S. launch! They had some good questions about the program and we have seen that these men are already signing up to serve at our school. Their impact here at Autumn Creek will be substantial.

In our classrooms, kids are learning about reading and writing through the balanced literacy model. As myself and Ms. Booker circulate in classrooms, we are seeing kids in literacy stations, teachers working with small groups on specific reading skills, and lots of independent reading, especially in our learning pods. Students are also spending time in math with a similar model, even writing on our desk surfaces to solve math problems. Remember when there were rules against that? That's not a problem here because of our whiteboard surfaces on our student tables.

We are excited to see the learning going on and even greater things are to come as we get further into the school year. Thank you for your support of Autumn Creek!

How do we teach numbers and counting?

Have you ever wondered how our school begins teaching numbers and counting from an early age? Or how you can support this learning at home? This quick 7 minute video helps you to understand how we help students to learn the progression from just knowing a number's name to understanding what it actually means. Maybe as you go through your day to day life at home you can help your students do some exercises that are similar!

Construction Update

This should be the week! We are about ready to open our playgrounds! The surface is still in the process of curing but the heat has actually helped that to happen faster! That's one way the heat here in the Houston area actually helps us out. Have a look at the surface. It's really well done!

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New Faces at ACE

Alethea Lewis

Alethea is joining Autumn Creek from Elm Grove Elementary Elementary. She has been a Behavioral Interventionist Para for the last two years where she received the Paraprofessional of the year award. Before that she worked in Cleveland ISD teaching Kindergarten through Second grade where she developed a passion for teaching children how to read! She is so excited to be a part of the ACE team!

Important upcoming dates!

  • September 15 - Dot Day Celebration
  • September 20 - Elementary Student Holiday/Staff Workday
  • September 30 - PTO Celebration Fees Due

Staff Favorite Book

The Staff Favorite Book this week is from Mrs. Elena Rodriguez and is "Vincent and Theo" by Deborah Heilgman.

Vincent Van Gogh's art work has always been moving and intriguing to me. Many people know about Van Gogh's popular pieces, the ear cutting, and his death. Some may know about his early life. In the biography "Vincent and Theo," Heiligman shows us how there may not have been a Vincent without a Theo. Theo is Vincent's brother. I enjoyed this book because, using research through letters between the brothers and between Vincent and other family, you get a glimpse of the love, anger, sacrifices, and mental health issues that heavily influenced Van Gogh's art. I don't think I can love his art anymore than I already do, but I now am more sympathetic and respectful of the artist for giving us such beauty while internally struggling.

Attendance Line Information

If your student will be absent for the day, please call 281-641-5719 and leave a message with your student's name, reason for absence, your name and your phone number. Please call prior to the start of the school day.

The Counselor's Corner

Here is the counselor's quarterly newsletter where you can learn more about Ms. Capuchina and how she will provide a personalized approach to your child's counseling experience.

Parking Lot Cone Changes During the Day

During the school day beginning at 8am, we will be opening the cones on our entry driveway so you can drive directly up to our parking area and front entrance. This will prevent you from having to drive all the way around our lengthy driveway! We hope you like this change.

The cones will close once again at 2:30pm in preparation for afternoon dismissal. If you need to pick up your child between 2:30 and 2:45, a gap will be provided so you can drive up. Please note that all cars arriving for afternoon pickup will still be expected to line up on our driveway and should not be parking in our parking lot or in the front fire lane of the school.