The History of Basketball

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What is the history of basketball?

The game basketball was made by a guy named James Naismith.He was just supposed to be a coach for the Young Men's Christian Association(YMCA) ,and he wanted to have some fun. So him and the people started to throw things in a peach basket. Then he got the idea of basketball. The game was fun and they wanted to play a sport in the winter and there was that idea just floating around. They thought the idea was good and a good game to play inside or out side.Their is a picture of an old school uniform for basketball.

What were the rules that they created for BASKETBALL when it first started?

They created 13 rules for the game. The rules are very important because you don't want to get hurt or your players to get hurt and you won't be able to play the game. The rules are simple but important and they are...

Rule 1.The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands.

Rule 2.The ball may be batted in any direction with your hands never the fist.

Rule 3.A player can't run with the ball you would have to dribble the ball.

Rule 4.the ball must be held with your hands and nothing else.

Rule 5.No soldering, holding,pushing,striking or tripping or it will be a foul.

Rule 6.A foul is striking at the ball with the fist violations of rule 3,4,and 5.

Rule 7.If you make 3 fouls you are out of the game.

Rule 8.Goal shall be made only when the ball is thrown or dribbled on the ground

Rule 9.If the ball goes out of bounds then the other team gets to throw it in.

Rule 10. The umpire is the judge for the referee

Rule 11.The referee is the judge of the game.

Rule 12.There is 15 min. halves and 5 min rests in between the game.

Rule 13. The team with the most points wins the game

Their is a picture of the old school rules of an example of the rules.

Why is the foot work important?

The foot work is important because you are technically just using your feet. How do you think you make a shot. Or how do you do a lay up or jump shot. The game is about you running your foot work and just having fun with your team. When you move your feet you are moving the way you think or know is the right step. Foot work isn't just about how you move it's about you putting it your all and when you take that one step to start the game.The picture is about people practicing their foot work.

A basketball coach once said ...

''YOU PLAY THE WAY YOU PRACTICE!'' Also when I read the words he spoke it showed me something a new door opened and showed me what the words acutely mean to me. I thought that the words spoke to me because how he said it in my head it sounded like he was saying you can do any thing you practice and you can do anything you want to do and get 100% out of you putting you all in what you love to do like I love basketball. basketball isn't just about winning the game it's about you having fun your friend and your team mate's.

Some pictures of people playing their basketball games...

their are 5 people on the court at all times...

#1 The point guard

#2 The shooting guard

#3 The small forward

#4 The power forward

#5 The center

These players can press which their is a picture of a press right here.

some extra facts...

1. To play basketball you have to be in shape or you could get hurt when you would be running.

2. Their is no me in team because you have to work together with your team to win the game but, sometimes you still won't win

3. You have to stretch before the game so you don't pull a muscle or hurt yourself in the game

4. It's good to run to a stop sign and back because you could stretch your legs.

5. you can warm-up before the game or before the day of the game.

Here is the websites that I got my information from and the book that I got my information from.

you can look up THE HISTORY OF BASKETBALL or click these...

The book I got some of this information from is the book winning basketball for girls.The book is in WGMS library and I don't know if the book is in any other school sorry if you where wondering.

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