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RollaDome is on the Community Channel on Nov 9th at 9pm and the program get repeated throughout the following week, and also on line.

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Community Channel makes you think again about the world around you, and inspires you to take action on the causes and issues that matter to you.

Broadcasting original shows, the best of terrestrial TV and showcasing the work of new directors and community programme makers, Community Channel is the place for real-life stories.

Company Overview

Owned and run by the Media Trust, Community Channel is the UK’s only digital television station dedicated to highlighting issues from both local and international communities as well as the voluntary and charity sector.

So You want to Learn to Skate

Join Brilliant Britain presenter @KerryMaule as Nadine from takes her through the basics of skating.
How to Roller Skate lesson 1: Falling over and getting up
How to Roller Skate Lesson 2: Skating & Balancing
How to Roller Skate Lesson 3: How to Stop
How to Roller Skate Lesson 4: Gliding & Turning
How to Roller Skate Lesson 5: Turning corners & going backwards

About the club

RollaDome – Home of Recreational Skating Since 2009

RollaDome All Skate, was established in 2009, in North West London to provide a complete recreational skating package to young people and their families. As a charity and home of recreational skating, RollaDome AS provide skating lessons and roller skating packages for young people between the ages of four and eighteen (As well as adults through our family skating events) Our mission is to make a difference to young people by encouraging an active healthy and rewarding activity via roller skating.

Our Mission

Our keen staff are fully committed to improving the health, fitness and overall well-being of young people (and adults) through the attributes gained through roller skating, where valuable self-value skills that can be applied later in life and self-disciplines can be attained in a safe and nurturing environment as well as the great fun that can be had from learning to roller skate with RollaDome.

What We Do

We operate several successful school holiday projects, youth and community engagement projects as well as family orientated roller skating activities. As well as the great fun, roller skating is an ideal way of learning self-discipline, staying healthy, improving balance, dexterity as well as laying the foundations of valuable life skills. We can provide everything to do with recreational skating including roller skating lessons, community projects to clubs and discos as well as corporate events. Whatever you are looking for in roller skating. RollaDome All Skate provides it all.