The Foodbank Thanks You!

You Served 6,000 Emergency Meals!

This is what you all did:

  • Percentage of participation: 47/79 donors, or 59.5% participation (including Jambas).
  • COR aspirational food goal: 500 lbs food. We gave 221.9 lbs, or 44.4%
  • COR aspirational monetary goal: $2500. We gave $1,179.93 (cash/checks) + $1,220.00 (Jamba profit) = $2,399.93, or 96% ("Awesome" is overused, but fits here!)

Thank you all for sharing your wealth. At the $10 --> 25 meal ratio, you served 6,000 meals, plus 222 lbs of food donations. Lots of Saimin Boys and Girls will be smiling!

And we're pleased to present Our Foodbank Drive 2015 Divisional Champions:

  • Litigation Division: SANDY OKA!
  • Counseling and Drafting Division: KATHLEEN KELLY!
  • Real Property Tax Division: KAREN LEE!

(OK, RPT is part of Litigation Division on the org chart, but is a "Division" on the phone list, and since so many gave from the heart, we decided to recognize the extra "Division") As tokens of appreciation, Sandy, Kathy, and Karen will each receive (1) An official Foodbank 2015 T-Shirt; and (2) An official Jamba Juice card of their very own! Thanks Sandy, Kathy, and Karen for setting the pace!

And thank you all for your contributions. You gave well. We can all look forward to upping the percentage next year, filling even more hungry tummies, and taking greater satisfaction in living Aloha. -- Your 2015 Foodbank Team, signing off!