Consumerism is materialistic values or possessions


Consumerism can consume people to buy products that they don't need. When buying products we just want more and more and with this we aren't any better than monkeys wasting bananas (money). the definition of consumerism is the protection or promotion of the interests of consumers and the preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods.

I believe that consumerism is a terrible thing that people get sucked into and when being introduced to consumerism, it has opened my eyes so much to advertisements, brands and labels. People are always labeled, so why cant we have our own identity instead of wanting to fit in? Some things in life are important for us to be happy such as comfortable beds, good food, and fashion (fashion isn't that important though). I believe that television can be a good thing as it tells us what s happening in the community but at the same time, in-between the shows there are always those frustrating adds. so what would happen if we don't have the luxuries of consumerism? How would we adapt? WELL JUST DO WHAT PEOPLE DID BEFOR TELEVISIONS WERE OUT, AND SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS... IT ISN'T HARD.... I HAVE DONE IT!!