Geography and Globalization

Unit 1 Summative/Competency By: Julia Preston

Section 1: Analysis

Where people live where they do, how they live, and why they live where they do is all influenced by Geography and Globalization. Globalization is the process of extending to other or all parts of the world by communicating to different countries. There are upsides to Globalization but also downsides. For example one pro is productivity grows quickly with Globalization. One con is that many Americans have lost jobs due to some production.

Examples of how Geography impacts where, how, and why people live where they do:

Different places around the world have different weather patterns, some people can't live in certain places because of the weather: This effects where people live

Because of some climates, producing crops and food is hard. With this issue, this could effect jobs: This effects how people live

Some people have adapted to where they live and affect their daily lives. Animals, weather, water, food, high altitude, etc. have effects on why people live where they live: This effects why people live where they do

Section 2: Starbucks example: Geography

In this section, there will be pictures representing the population of starbucks as well as natural resources, manufacturing, and transportation.
Big image

Section 2: Tracing Starbucks from natural resources

Starbucks is not a had place to find in most places. In the pictures above they represent manufacturing, resources, and the starbucks population. You can see most beans come from South America and are delivered to all the starbucks around the world. This is tracing my natural resource to the actual product.

Issues with Starbucks

Environment: Starbucks has been using strategies to help the climate in the areas that grow coffee beans, this cannot be good. Also the cups are plastic and paper, instead of using reusable cups.

Technology: Starbucks has been using more machines to help produce and make the coffee and other products, which means less jobs available for ingredients from other places.

Culture: Starbucks promotes different cultures, on their website they explain how workers are diverse in gender, sexuality, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, age, life experiences, thoughts and ideas. While they do support this, there is also stereotypes from people calling girls that get Starbucks "white girls." This is not helping cultural diversity.

Economic: With high expenses of coffee, many people believe that the country will suffer high financial losses because of Starbucks. When the country has financial crisis's these affect Starbucks because there are so many stores located all around the world. Some banks do better in some places that are not associated with Starbucks.

A solution to one of these categories such as environment is to get plastic reusable cups for customers to come in everyday with the same reusable cup. If not that then you could simply put out ALL recycling bins for plastic and paper cups which would help the environment so much, especially because Starbucks is such a widespread and popular store!

Section 3: Globalization and Me !

Globalization affects me in so many ways. For one the environment is something I care about a lot. I think everyone and even animals and plants would be much healthier if we were green! Now the economy is something I want to be more efficient so when I want to get a job when I am older it will be easy and more jobs available. I believe that the world is already very culturally diverse but some people are still against diversity. Our technology is very advanced and will keep being advanced as the years go on! Also our communication could be better if the countries would get along! These are all examples of just how much Globalization affects me and everyone in the world!

Section 3: 6 Word Summary of Globalization

Such a large world, small thinking.

This 6 word is about how globalization affects not only me but everyone. I am explaining how this world is huge. Some cooperations like Starbucks for example are put all over the world. This world is large. But to help Globalization, like the economy, environment, culture, and technology takes such small and simple thinking to help out these four categories of Globalization.