Swenson's Weekly Scoop

Highlights from March 2nd - March 13th

What have we been up to?

We have been busy learning about the Iditarod and all that it involves. We have completed many activities regarding the sport of sled dog racing, including musher tracking, sled making, and a book project.

Every day during this unit, students have been tracking a musher in the Iditarod race (that they chose) and recording the musher's stats in a lap-book. They have also been moving their mushers along a trail that we have created in the hallway. They check their musher's progress several times a day.

We also created sleds and raced them against each other to see who had the fastest (ask your student about this), read several books about sled dog racing, and completed a sequencing book project on a book called Akiak (ask your students how to pronounce this).

We will continue to track our mushers this week, as the race is still going. It should be over by the end of this week, so check with your student to see who wins.

If you would like to track the mushers towards the end of the race, click on the link below.


Spring Pictures will be on Thursday, March 19th.

Our classroom's winning sled - We discovered that yarn glued to the bottom makes it go the fastest!

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Read Across the Trail

During the month of February our students participated in Read Across the Trail. We challenged Wagner students to read 1,161 books, which is the length of the Iditarod race. They completed this goal and received an incentive day as their reward.

In addition to the incentive day, we also had the opportunity to meet some local dog mushers and four of their dogs. We learned about what dog mushing entails, including how the dogs are trained, and how the sled works. We also were able to meet two of the dogs at the end of the assembly. See pictures below.

Field Trip

Please have your student's field trip form and money in no later than Thursday, March 19th.

Global Blog Challenge

During the month of March, we are competing in a blogging challenge with about 70 other classrooms from around the world. Each week we get a new topic to write about, and we comment on other blogs of students participating in the challenge as well. We are making connections with students all over the country.

To read your student's blog, click on the link below.


YAYA (Young Artist Conference) forms are due Tuesday, March 17th.