daniela carreon

winter season fashion color is purple.Yes fashion has season colors.Every season has ther colors for example another winter color is green read and white.Because of christmas but the cold colors are blue, white, purple.

white is not a color but in fashion we make it.have you herd the rule that you can wear white after labor day ,but rules are ment to be broken .plus ,white has been creeping its way on to all of the major runways for a few season now so its time to get on board.that said the easiest way way to embrace white is wiht denim.

fashion is many colors for example pink ,mostly all of the girls wear it because it is girly.Did you know boy thik girls look pretty on pink , that a good color to wear when you are in a date .Now you know what to wear in a date.Pink is a sweet toch, even a deatil makes it great .

the colors depends in your style if you dont like light colors for example pink, purple it means. you wear more dark colors like a emo .pink is for every one every one has ther colors .You pick them and work them when you feel sure in the color.