Demo Plan

Jessica Garcia @ Fallingbrook Middle School

Dates :


Time of demo:

8:45 am -

Description of Activity: Teaching How to Play Hand Ball

A phys-ed teacher teaches kids a variety of games that are simple and easy for students to follow. And teaching games like hand ball includes essential skills such as oral communication and time management skills. To ensure that students are properly informed on the rules of the game, that everyone has a chance to play and that they finish in time. To ensure that they are on time for there next class. I will be showing you how I take attendance, set up the equipment, as well as how I lead the class by giving them specific instructions on what to do and what not to do.


I have chosen to play handball as my demo to show you because it is a game that I and most likely a majority of the girls are familiar with, and have played before in the past. Since this game does not involve a lot of equipment, I will be able to easily have everything set up on time. The instructions are also very straightforward and I have a lot of experience with this game, so I am fully aware of the rules. Which will allow me to teach the class effectively and efficiently. And from past experience playing and watching others play, I know that this is a fun game and that the class will enjoy playing it too. Since the most important part about gym class is that students are able to get exercise in away that is fun for them.

Details of the Activity:

1. Set up the equipment which includes the following; 1 dodge ball, 2 nets, benches, scoreboard, pinnies, and cones may be needed for the crease.If no cones are needed then a crease will be established using the gym lines. Also I may need to pull down the wall if we are sharing the gym.

2.Say good morning to the girls and wait till all are done changing and have them sit down on a bench. And if I take the attendance I will have the girls tap in while they come in. Also if some girls do not have proper shoes they will have to sit out and I will have them keep score. But if not I will have the girls waiting for there turn to play to keep score.

3. Tell the girls the rules on what and what not to do so that they all play fairly. And after I am done explaining I may ask them questions about the game to ensure that they were listening .

4. Then when the girls are divided in to two teams,one will have red and the other blue, then 4 or 5 depending on the number of girls in the class will play each round.

5. I will have a watch to keep track of time and subs will be made every 5 minutes, so that everyone gets a chance to play. I will blow my whistle if I have or yell out when subs are needed.

6.Then when the time comes I will ask the girls to put back the pinnies on top of the net and get them changed a couple minutes before their next class. To ensure that they get to class on time.

7. If I see them head out I will tell them to have a nice day.

Required Materials:

-Stop watch/watch


-1 Dodge ball

-2 Nets

-1 Bench

-Blue and red Pinnies



-Ipad to take attendence

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher: None

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