Sport Coaches

Thomas Fugate


A sports coach is a person that is involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations of a sport team or individual.


There is no required certifications to become a ports coach, but there are programs that increase your abilities as a coach. These programs teach the person about nutrition, conditioning, injuries, etc.

Daily Activities

The daily activities of being a coach would include spending a period of time with individuals or a team to increase their abilities. A coach can do this by going through drills and exercise that focus on certain abilities.


Most job openings are through high schools who cant afford a full-time coach. Therefore, a teaching degree could help you get the job.


The average income for sports coaches in 2012 was $28,360, with the top 10% making over $65,910.


To be a successful coach, you must have many skills that might include; knowledge in the sport, communication skills, decision-making skills, leadership, as well as dedication.

Practice Setting

Coaches often work irregular hours, that can include mornings, evenings, weekends, as well as holidays. These hours can be spent on the field doing hands on work, in the gym, or in a office studying and reviewing.

Fun Facts

1) Job outlook is 15% faster than normal.

2) There is a suspected 36,200 jobs that will be available by 2022

3) Coaches in girls' and women's sports may have better job opportunities and face less competition for positions.

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