The Jackson Papers

Is Jackson good or bad?

War Record (Battle of New Orleans)

Remember back in the War of 1812, Jackson, specifically January 18, 1815? Andrew Jackson led some troops against the British, defending New Orleans. In that battle, the British had way more troops than Jackson had. Yet Jackson prevailed in defending New Orleans.

Killing the National Bank

Do you also remember McCulloch v. Maryland? Maryland wanted to create a tax on the National bank congress created in their land. But Congress refused to pay the tax, this argument lasted all the way to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court declared the National Bank was right and Just, and necessary for Congress to do its Job. But Jackson disagrees and wants it destroyed, and he does destroy it, even though the SupremeCourt declares the National Bank appropriate.
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The Nullification Crisis

In 1832, Jackson had a series of taxes, the tax of 1828 and 1832, South Carolina didn't want to pay the taxes. They threatened to remove themselves from the Union, Jackson threatened them back. Jackson got a bill from Congress that allowed him to march onto South Carolina, Jackson also threatened to hang their Governor (Also his Vice President). South Carolina complied but Jackson agreed to have them pay less taxes.

Andrew Jackson, and his Kids

In this cartoon, it shows Andrew Jackson and his Kids, which are vicious unleashed hounds, some are wearing crowns depicting them as future Kings, Princes and Princesses that are evil.

Letter from a Working Class Person (Positive)

Hello Andrew, I'm glad you have allowed a lot more people to vote, I agree with you destroying the National Bank because the National bank is a Federal Building, you promised to empower the common man and I'm glad you weakened the Federal Government, and I will continue to vote you in your next term.

Letter from the Governor of South Carolina (Negative)

Hello President Jackson, I want you to remove our taxes or we will remove ourselves from the Union, you threatened to hang me, and march your Army onto our State, If you will not remove the taxes, we will settle with less taxes than normal.