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Vocabulary: equal (=) (equality), not equal

Essential Questions:

How can I write a number sentence to represent a problem? What pattern or relationship do I see? How can I describe it? How does that help me solve this problem?

· Using Number Sense to Solve Multiplication and Division Equations

· Patterns and Tables

· Analyze Given Information

· Make A Table and Look For A Pattern


* Topic 10-3, pgs539-540, Period 1&2; #’s 2, 6,8,9,11,13 Period 3- #’s 5-13

*Topic10-4, pgs. 547-548; Period 1&2

#’s 2, 3, 4-8; Period 3 #’s 3-11

Language Arts

Language Arts

Skill: cause & effect

Vocabulary: estimate, focus, record

Spelling Rule: prefixes

Homework: Spelling HW & Guided Reading HW BOTH DUE FRIDAY. J