The amazing Lee Strasberg

This amazing acting teachers methods retold

Psycho-physical involvement

This is one of the many incredible methods that Lee taught. Psycho-physical involvement is the rational movements within a piece. In a piece you don't want to move to much but not to little. So you need to ration it out through the entire piece.

Given Circumstances

"The actor needs to create as he concentration. He needs the type of concentration that essentially brings alive for himself what ever fiction, whatever imaginative supposition he is trying to believe in and live with."-Lee Strasberg

Senses with methods

You can use your senses to relive a moment in the past. You can use your imagination to simulate how the moment felt. Like if you broke a leg you would simulate the pain you felt and your reaction, and the way you walked with the broken leg. You could simulate the feel of the sun beating on your head on a hot day. Take how your past moment felt, and the pain, happiness, and emotions that came with the moment, then put the feelings into your acting.

Emotional Recall

Emotional recall is when you recall a memory that has a strong feeling that matches the scene you are in. Emotional memory is a memory with a strong emotion attached to it. They are corresponding. You need emotional memory to have to have emotional recall. Stanislavski believed in using emotional recall as a tool but he would rather have his actors live in the moment, not in the past. Lee believed in using it as a stimulus to get the actor to have certain impulses.

How Can Method Acting Help Us In The Contest

Method Acting helps us get into our characters. Our job as actors is not to be us playing a character, but instead for us to be the character. Method acting helps us do so.