Fake Blood Experiment

By Shuban, Sharon, Bailey, and Cher

Materials/ Ingrediants

  • 4- 6 packs of cherry Kool- Aid mix
  • 2 teaspoons of egg white
  • spoons
  • brown food coloring
  • pint- sized container
  • cornstarch

Identify the Three States of Matter

Solid- Has a definite shape, and volume. The molecules are not able to move around, they only vibrate.

Liquid- Has no definite shape and has definite volume. Although molecules are able to move free at a medium pace.

Gas- Has no definite shape or volume and molecules move fast and free.

Our Experiment- Liquid

Chemistry Connections

  • physical change with Kool- Aid and water
  • physical change with egg white and Kool- Aid mix
  • physical change when food coloring was added

Last Step in Making Blood

The picture is last the step making blood. We mixed cornstarch, Kool-aid, water, brown food coloring and egg whites to achieve this mixture. The water made the mixture really thin, so we added a pinch of cornstarch to make the mixture thicker.

Special Effect and Scenario

Our special effect if the fake blood itself. This can be used in films during fighting scenes, crime scenes, and death scenes.
Big image

Molecular Motion

The fake-blood mixture is a liquid, so the molecules will move somewhat fast. The liquid doesn't have a definite shape and the molecules move free throughout the shape. But, solids will barely move and gases will move really fast and free.
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