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---------------November 2019---------------

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Our 2019 Veterans Day Programs


Each South Vermillion school observed Veterans Day on Monday, November 11th. Programs held at the elementary schools and the combined middle/high school program paid proper tribute to our military servicemen and women with historic readings, music performances, and special guests. Community members and families of our students were invited to share in these special events. During the middle/high school program, Mr. Schimmel stated, "At the highest level, the men and women who choose to serve our country deserve our respect. Thanking them for their service when you see them in public is a simple, yet important act of kindness. It is encouraged and important that we acknowledge their service in whatever ways we can. Today is one of those ways we can honor them."

Dyslexia Update


South Vermillion Reading Specialists are designing our corporation's 1st handbook for dyslexia protocol following the Indiana Dyslexia Resource Guide. More information about this legislation can be found by clicking on the link below. All SV teachers will receive training in dyslexia awareness. It is important to note that SV teachers will not and cannot diagnose dyslexia, but the risk factors that indicate the possibility of such a diagnosis.

IDOE's Plan for STEM Education K-12 Integration

From Dr. McCormick's Executive Summary in the Stem Playbook

"As one of the national leaders in innovative public education strategies focused on future talent development, Indiana is positioned to create a sustainable, collaborative strategy for K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) instruction, curriculum, and career exploration and exposure. To provide a comprehensive, coordinated, progressive, and responsive plan for STEM learning expansion, IDOE has created this Indiana STEM Strategic Plan. This plan provides guidance to all stakeholders in developing and actively creating a thriving, interactive, and relevant K-12 STEM focus."

South Vermillion is poised to develop a thorough K-12 STEM curriculum that is IDOE-approved and fitting for the needs of our students. We are in the learning phase right now as we have visited STEM-certified schools in Indiana and are investigating IDOE grants for STEM curriculum acceleration and preparedness. This is an exciting time to be a South Vermillion educator, but an even more exciting time to be a South Vermillion student!

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