The Reading Room

Deepening our Understanding of Inferring


Students have learned that schema (background knowledge) + evidence = inferring. Students are learning to be "close readers" in order to specifically pinpoint the evidence in their books which allows them to make informed inferences. Ask your child to show you the evidence in their book when you ask them to answer a question.

Using the Popplet Lite app to aid in comprehension and story mapping.

In our reading classes, most groups have used the Popple Lite app to map out many aspects of the chapter books they are reading. Popplet is an app where children can add one square to represent each section or chapter of the book. They can add text to each square and can color code as well. Students can also do character maps or make predictions using Popplet. Instead of having your child jot notes about their reading, try having them use Popplet. Its an engaging way for them to respond to literature. They can even send their Popplet to their teacher or to you via email. Popplet Lite is free on the App Store. There is an example of a Popplet attached to this email.

The Close of Trimester 3

The close of trimester 3 is quickly approaching. Students in The Reading Room are currently being assessed to determine reading growth. I will be in contact with you after assessments are finished and through a narrative report that will be sent home via email along with your child's report card. Please contact me if you should have any questions about the assessment and reporting process. The next newsletter will focus on summer reading. Please be on the look out for this in early June.