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September 14th-18th


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Good Morning Sanger High School

Good morning Team...

Congratulation to our extra-curricular folks. Cross County had a successful weekend. Big shout out to our top 20 medalist winners-Miguel Ibarra and Aubrey Springer. Varsity and JV Purple volleyball defeated Denton Calvary in three games on Friday. JV gold took 2nd in the Bridgeport Tourney and JV Purple won the Tourney. (Way to go Lady Indians!)

Our football team defeated the Bobcats 16-14 and our band had yet another great performance. I loved watching our drum core perform infront of our student section.

Sanger High School is AWESOME!

Birthday Celebrations!

No birthday celebrations this week.

The Power of TEAMWORK!

Teamwork - Minions - Despicable Me


Important Information

Attention-please spread the word!!!

Homecoming Parade

Please help us spread the news. We have made a change.

The homecoming parade has been moved from 10 am on Saturday, September 26th to 9:30 a.m. This will allow our band to actually lead the parade this year.

Thanks to Dr. Valdez and Mr. Autry for coordinating to make it happen.

I encourage all extra-curricular programs and clubs to enter the parade and show your school spirit.

Theme: Remembering The Good Years

Friday, Sept. 25th (Homecoming game vs. Whitesboro)

Saturday, Sept. 26th @ 9:30 am (Homecoming Parade)

Saturday, Sept. 26th @ 8 pm (Homecoming Dance)

Instructional Practices

Formative vs Summative

The administrative team is launching a series of instructioinal memos that dig into researched based best practices in the 21st century learning process.

We will begin this initiative with defining Formative vs Summative Assessment. Listed below is a quick overview and video.

Be on the look out for additonal information throughout the week.

Formative vs. Summative

According to Rick Stiggins, "Formative assessment is For Learning". The assessment is part of the teaching and learning process. "A Summative assessment is Of Learning". Did the students learn the information by passing or failing an assessment.

"The purpose of the assessment and how teams use the results is what really determines whether the assessment is formative or summative, not how it is written or administered." (Bailey and Jakicic, 2012).

Formative Assessments

  • ...begin with clearly defined learning targets
  • ...should be embedded deliberatley within instructional practices
  • ...are ongoing checkpoints that provide evidence
  • ...assessment while the learning process is taking place
Summative Assessments:
  • ...given at the conclusion of the learning
  • ...evaluation of how well the student performed
  • may be used formatively but proves challenging because remediation occurs after the learning process.

As a campus, we are currently facilitating 6-week common assessments in specific content areas. We will continue to use this collaborative practice. However, I encourage you to begin evaluating your current instructional practices and determine whether you formatively assess your students in order to direct your next instructional steps.

--Common Formative Assessment: A Toolkit for Professional Learning Communities at Work by Kim Bailey and Chris Jackicic. Forwarded by Richard and Rebecca DuFour.

Five Keys to Comprehensive Assessment

Support The Office Staff

Affirmation Board

You will see something new in the office. The administrative team has implemented a reward system for the ladies that keep the school house running. In the office, you will see the letters SHS TRIBE hanging. For every positive affirmation they recieve, we will attached a Got Heart Label. When the ladies spell out SHS TRIBE...we will buy them lunch. The affirmations can come from parents, students, or staff. When you get a chance, take a peek. They have already earns SHS... only 5 more to go!

From the Technology Team

Google Site for Technology HELP!

This year we have developed the Technology Team comprised of fellow staff members. The purpose of the Technology Team is to support the instructional and technical services at SHS. We are currently looking for a crafty name instead of Technology Team. Please be on the look out for a google form so you can provide suggestions.

Listed below are your fellow team members:

Juliana Perkins, Rene Valdez, Darah Edwards, Charlene Parham, Tracey Sykes, Scott Montgomery, Ruth Becerra, Liz Freeman, Rob Sikora, Jeremy Greenway, Susan Laswell, and Cassie Miller.

After further discussions, the Technology Team will begin the process of developing a google site. The website will host information on technology driven instructional practices, how-to videos, cheat sheets, and much more...

We look forward to being of service!

Additioinal Information

Weekend Access

Team- Those of you who do not have 24 hour access but want to work on the weekendS.

Mr. Sikora is in the process of securing a few additional 24 hour access cards that you can check out on a Friday. You will then return the checked out key card to Mr. Sikora on Monday morning. We are unable to permanantly check out these cards.

There is a catch...If you lose the card, it will be a cost of $25 to replace it as well.

Parking Lot

We had a suggestion posted this week...

Have a variety of students give the announcements. Several students are wondering why only one student does the announcements.

Great thought...When we orginally began the process of having a student(s) read the announcements, that was our intention. However, we ran into a snag when students did not report to the office regularly to give the announcements. Our current student has been a reliable pillar and her services have been greatly appreciated.

In moving forward, our goal is to have students audition for the announcements in which we would establish "the voice". Also, we are looking to collaborate with Mrs. Perkins inwhich we can actually begin our own green screen news team. Our goal is to stream SHS news live.

Thanks for the comment.

Pep Rally Schedule

I encourage all faculty members to join in the festivities. This is a great way to get our students involved. Please remember that we will be on pep rally schedule on the listed days below.

Clash Of The Classes

Friday, Sept. 18th

  • Seniors-Purple
  • Juniors-Green
  • Soph-Red
  • Freshmen-Yellow
  • Teachers-Blue

Throwback From The Past (Homecoming)

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd (7 p.m.)

Purple Out

Friday, Oct. 16th


Friday, Oct. 30th

Important Dates

  • 9/15-Pay Day (It Pays To Go To College- Wear your favorite college shirt and jeans)
  • 9/18-Pep Rally (Clash Of The Classes)
  • 9/22-Lockdown Drill
  • 9/22-Core Team Meeting (2nd period)
  • 9/23-Pep Rally (Homecoming)
  • 9/26-Homecoming Parade (9:30 a.m.)
  • 9/26- Homecoming Dance (8-11)
  • 9/28-10/2- CBA Window
  • 10/2-End of th 1st Six Weeks