Galileo Galilei

By:Jonathan Sorola

Early Life

  • Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa,Italy on February 15, 1564.
  • He was the oldest of six children.
  • Mr.Galilei's father was a known lutenist by the name of Vincenzo Galilei and his mother's name Giulia Ammannati.
  • Galileo's youngest brother Michelangelo was unable to accomplish his dreams in music so he often asked Galileo for help finically.
  • It is believed that this is what sparked and led to his inventions.

Why Is He Important

  • Galileo is the inventor of the modern telescope.
  • He not only supported the heliocentric theory, he proved it true.
  • Mr.Galilei discovered the four largest moons that orbit Jupiter.
  • Thermometer
  • He discovered sunspots through observation.
  • Finally, he invented a new compass.
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What Is He Most Known For?

Galileo Galilei is arguably most known for the invention of the telescope.This is because the telescope led to the proof of Copernicus' theory heliocentric.Although he was helping someone else with their work it couldn't have been anymore important.Because of this findings it not only made history it change history.It was believed at the time everything orbited the earth.After the discovery that it was the complete opposite.Through this Galileo played a big role in the scientific revolution.It influenced the motto of "observation and experimentation'.

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In conclusion, Galileo Galilei is an great example of an "Renaissance man".Ironically he lived during the renaissance.He also lived through the Scientific Revolution.Thankfully for his intelligence and presence on earth we now have the abilities and tools at are availability.

Mr.Galilei was an astronomer,physicist,engineer,philosopher and mathematician who unfortunately died on January 8,1642 at the age of seventy-seven.