Leo Tolstoy

A famous Russian writer. By BS

Personal Life

Leo Tolstoy was born september the 9th 1828. Tolstoy died November 20th 1910. His university was the University of Kazan. Leo was from Russia. Tolstoy was a famouse Russian author. Some books Leo wrote are War and Pease, Anna Karenina and The death of Ivan Ilyich. Tolstoy was working as a junker in the army, he had spare time to kill. Leo Tolstoy's mother is Marya Nikolayevna Volkonsky and Father is Nicholas Ilich Tolstoy.

The story of Leo Tolstoy becoming famous...

Leo Tolstoy was best known for his novels. War and Peace and Anna Karenina are his most famous books. Tolstoy also writes short storys and essay plays. Many people say hes the worlds best novelist.
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