Irtesam Ansari's Bucket List


About Myself

Hey there! My name is Irtesam Ansari. I'm a student who has the hope of exploring the world. Once I have completed my education and have a life of enjoyment ahead of me, there are many things I'd like to accomplish. My favourite tourist region is Europe as well as Caribbean, Oceania, Asia, North America and South America. Each region has it's own identity because they offer something different to to the tourist making it hard to ignore one of them in my travel plans . It is my dream to complete all of the journeys down below giving me memories that will last all my life.

Before I Kick the Bucket I Would like to

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Visiting Mecca and Medina

The most important thing on my bucket list that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime would be to visit Mecca and complete pilgrimage. This is an objective that must be completed in my lifetime as it is a part of my religion and culture. This picture shows the beauty that Mecca portrays and one day, I will be there to witness it first hand.
Amazonian Rain Forest - Cuyabeno Ecuador Gopro - Backpaco

Video about the Amazon Rainforest

This footage taken with a Gopro shows us first person footage of how it would feel like to travel through the Amazonian Rainforest myself. It displays the beautiful nature and wildlife that exist within the Rainforest proving why this would be an adventure seekers paradise.

Most important Bucket List

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Visit Mecca and Medina

My top bucket list choice was to visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia as it is required in islam for muslims to perfume Hajj once in their lifetime. Therefore it is my duty to visit the Kaaba in Mecca and complete pilgrimage. Being able to cross this objective off my list is more significant than accomplishing anything else on my list for me. it's a mind-blowing sight that I would love to experience and see. Mecca has many historic pieces placed in Mecca such as the Zam Zam water which has been continuously been providing water for thousands of years non stop. In conclusion, the reason Mecca is listed first on my bucket list is due to the religious reason and to see the beautiful sight and taste the Zam Zam water.