Week 3 - Math 103

Week 3 starts Sunday May 14

Week 3 Information

Please use the scroll bar on the right to navigate through this announcement. Welcome to Week 3 of Math 103. I am excited to work with each of you in our math class. Please take some time to review the Tracking Calendar and Supplemental Syllabus in the Introductory Folder. Please also start on the Week 3 folder in Blackboard, and lastly start on your Discussion for Week 3. NOTE: You are allowed to re-take your My Math Lab Quizzes, Homework, and Final Exam for higher grades - please allow 24 hours for Blackboard to update your My Math Lab grades into Blackboard. This also applies to the final exam where you can re-take it for a higher grade.

***Please review the below video on your Portfolio Project - to watch the video, click on the link and then click on the white arrow in the middle of the screen***

Link: http://www.screencast.com/t/PyCPLZ2PEW

Project Portfolio

Please be sure to review and download the project directions from your Week 2 folder. Read the directions carefully. All project parts must be completed in the same power point file. Review the project directions for examples. You goal is to use your own student loans for the project, and you can use any source for your student loan data.

Hello Class:

***Please review the below video on your Portfolio Project***

Link: http://www.screencast.com/t/lGbDU9lHVOs6

Setting up Profile in Spaces

Please take some time to review the below video on setting up your profile in Blackboard Spaces. This will allow you to have your picture show in your Discussions and Replies. This is also a great way for us to build our online community of learning. To watch the video, please click on the link and then click on the white arrow in the middle of the screen.

Video Link: http://www.screencast.com/t/qiyePvpyEt4W

Dr. Valenzuela


Bryant & Stratton College is pleased to announce a new partnership with Microsoft and other affiliates. This partnership will provide students, faculty, and staff access to software that is significantly discounted, and in some cases, software is available for free.

To take advantage of the offerings, you need to go to bryantstratton.onthehub.com and use your Bryant & Stratton College email address to sign up for an account.

Microsoft’s On The Hub is a separate service provided by Microsoft and their third-party partners, including Kivuto. Products available in the Bryant & Stratton College Bookstore are not part of this offering. Students, faculty, and staff must register an account and use a credit or debit card to pay for products obtained from bryantstratton.onthehub.com. Any software obtained through this offering is owned by the individual, not the College, and is for use on the individual’s personal computer. Only one download per program is allowed. Other terms and conditions may apply.

I hope you find this new offering beneficial and take advantage of it.

Smarthinking (free math tutoring)

To access the free Smarthinking tutoring service offered by the college, please follow these steps:

-Go to your Blackboard course page

-Click on the ePortfolio & Tools tab in Blackboard (left hand side of Blackboard)

-Locate the Smarthinking link at the bottom right of the page

-Click on the Smarthinking link

-Follow the login instructions then click on “Work with a Tutor”

Please watch the below video on drop in tutoring with Smarthinking…


Thank you,

Dr. Valenzuela

Homework: Re-takes are OK for My Math Lab homework and My Math Lab quizzes

You can re-take your My Math Lab Homework or Quiz assignments and Final Exam for a higher grade. Just re-take the assignment in My Math Lab and re-submit it. It will take 24 hours to update your Blackboard gradebook after taking the re-take in my math lab. To learn how to complete your homework with My Math Lab see the video link below...


MyMathLab Technical Support - For Math 103 Phone number: 844-292-7015

Portfolio Project & Amortization Schedule

Your Portfolio Project Directions and Excel Amortization Schedule are in the Week 2 folder in Blackboard under Portfolio Project. Please familiarize yourself with the directions and download them.

Late Policy

Ensuring timely submissions is extremely important for success in online learning. There is an understanding that unexpected events happen and there may be times when you are unable to meet established deadlines. In these situations, the following guidelines apply:

· Day 1: deduct 5 points

· Day 2: deduct 10 points

· Day 3: deduct 15 points

If you have a documented emergency and need additional time, please let me know.

Late work will not be accepted after the last day of class without my prior approval.

Feedback to Students

I will respond to your questions in a 24 to 36 hour timeframe. I will complete all grading by Thursday of each week 11:59 p.m. eastern time. Please review your grade center for all feedback on assignments.

Math Tutoring

Our college offers free 24/7 math tutoring through Smarthinking. Please use this as a resource and ask your Adviser to help you get signed up for it.

IT Helpdesk - Bryant & Stratton College

For assistance with Blackboard, email, and technical issues.

Web: support.bryantstratton.edu

Tel: 585.563.8401 (long distance charges may apply)

Contact Information



Dr. Hector Valenzuela