American Civil Unrest

By: Carter Tacosik (and America)

Cristoforo Colombo

“Dearest Royal family of Portuguese it would be a of the biggest opportunity to fund the expedition to find a faster trading route to Asia” said Christopher Columbus. Cristoforo Colombo, or Christopher Columbus, was a European navigator. He had a decent pay and a vast job but tat was not enough for Chris. He wanted to find a quicker trading route so that he could earn more money. He went to many places with his business offer but could never land a deal. Then he went to the Spanish queen and was granted the funds and supplies for his expedition. He gathered many men, women, and children on his boat and set sail in the direction he thought would be best route to Asia. They encountered many problems throughout his voyage. Sickness, death, and famine. They also encountered many fatal storms on there voyage. This proved hard for Chris to navigate. They stopped by Caribbean islands on there way and set sail to make a settlement in Navidad They collected gold and spices from the natives. They went back to Spain delighted to tell the queen of there expedition. They sold all of the items they collected on there travels and set sail again. This time coming back to the Navidad settlement to see what has changed. What they came back to was a burnt down piece of ruble. He then forced the indigenous people to mine for more gold and rebuild the settlement. Then he left to explore more of the Caribbean islands. He then voyaged a third time to the new world and found everyone dead, no gold, and the settlement looked even more torn down than before. No one knows exactly what happened. How could you, no one survived to tell the tale. Christopher was taken off of new world duty and was sentenced to jail. He then later returned to Spain to spend the last two years of his life in bitter.

Colonial America

Britain received word of a new world discovered by Spain. They sent many citizens to settle on the mysterious land. They made a small little settlement in southeast Virginia. They named the colony Jamestown. This being the first permanent English settlement in the New world. Meanwhile, England has sent another ship to present day Massachusetts to form the plymouth colony. With the two biggest colonies controlled by one of the fastest growing countries in the world, the two colonies quickly took over neighboring colonies. Eventually they took over the entire east coast. France was growing restless and was wanting to expand there country. They found that the best possible solution would be to take over the growing and weak British colony over on the new world. They teamed up with some of the Native Americans there to help with the upcoming conquer. Britain did the same, forcing any Native American tribes to go to war. This gave the war a new dimension with the Natives. They knew all the in’s and outs of the land and created a new expendable program in which they could check the grounds before they go charging in. The French and Indian war began and had many fatality’s have occurred in such a short time. The causalities grew and grew on the indian’s half, France and Britain saw this and started getting tired of the war. Britain hit one more blow to France and signed the Treaty of Paris. This ended the war with only a debatable winner. The was only one looser, the Native Americans. Tribes burnt down and killed, Alliances and pacts destroyed.

French-Indian War

The thirteen colonies, owned by Britain and controlled by Britain. The tax collectors were corrupt and cheating, the governors didn't care one way or another, and the citizens were planning a revolutionary uprising. Since Britain defended the citizens of the colonial America, it was only fair for them to pay for reconstruction right? King George III had raised the taxes to be able to pay for all the damages done to Britain and the colonies. The citizens were skeptical at first and complied easily for a while. After all the damages were fixed though, the taxes still got higher and higher. People were living in poverty and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually it lead to an out break in Boston. The Boston Massacre was a public fight between the city guards and a few rebellious citizens. The Guards had the guns raised on the mob and was waiting for the signal. They swore they heard someone said fire, but no one did. They killed 5 people that day and Britain had to get rid of some major acts, or rules, to keep them them happy. Some acts still active was Tea act, Paper act, ext. The getting rid of a few acts was not enough, they planned to strike back on Britain to get back at the 5 deaths. A group of patriots decided to dump a ship loads of tea into the Boston harbor. This cost Britain a lot of money and was quickly justified with the closing of the Boston Harbor. They could not even enter the Boston Harbor till an apology was made and the money was repaid. This lost a lot of jobs and a lot of money, therefor it proved hard to pay the debt. This was many conflicts after that and eventually Britain sent more and more troops into America and thus threatening a war.

American Revol.

The American Revolution, War of independence fought between Great Britain and the 13 British colonies. Battles of Lexington and Concord, between the British Army and colonial minutemen, mark the beginning of the war. There was many lives lost to the war and was not looking well for America. British had one of the best Army/navy in the world and America only had troops Hired in farms. Then General George Washington crossed the icy waters of the Delaware. This took The British army by surprise and gave America hop for the war. British general Charles Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown. Great Britain formally acknowledges American independence in theTreaty of Paris and officially brings the war to a close. With the Continental Congress approving the new flag it was truly turning into a full country. George Washington is unanimously elected president of the United States in a vote by state electors. With everything looking up, I cant even imagine whats going to happen in the next couple years.

War of 1812 (again)

Everything was going well, America was expanding, Britain has finally left for good, and everyone was celebrating the end of the war. Then France put a offer on the table, the Louisiana territory for 15 million. At the time that was a lot more money. But even back then, that much land for that kind of money was a really good deal. Reason being, France was in there own little revolution over on there side. We have this big land that we barely know about and

the problem with Britain trying to force American soldiers to their Navy. Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and clam to find a water route to the pacific Ocean. He also wanted to make sure that no other country had already taken over the west. Another main thing on their list was to find new species of plants and animals. They met many tribes, Explored the west throughly, and kept track of every unknown animal they saw. When they came back, The fourth president, James Madison, was being elected and the problem with Britain was growing rapidly. Soon, the war of 1812 was in full effect. The U.S. declared war on Britain for interference with American maritime shipping and westward expansion. Some of the things Britain did was their famous over the top “prank”. They captured Washington D.C. and burnt down the white house. Another thing they did to the U.S. was attacking Fort McHenery. Fortunately, Francis Scott Key looked over the battle of Fort McHenery and wrote a poem. This took a day to write, weeks to publish, months to get it widely known, and years to make it our National Anthem. The Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812; we had drove Britain back to their country once again and was ready to tackle the next conflict.

Civil War and the Slavery experience

Slavery; It is the debate that split the US in half. First it was the idea of slavery. Then it turned to argument and rebellion against slavery. Then the government had to step in. The Missouri compromise, an effort by the government to delay a civil war. It admitted Maine as a free state so that Missouri could enter as a slave state. Also, instead of Missouri, lands North of latitude 36°30’ in the Louisiana Purchase would be admitted as a free state. This lead to a “bigger hole” and it kept getting deeper. More rebellions accrued and more unrest arose to the point were there was one last straw left. Then Abraham Lincoln got elected and tore everything apart. Slave states were succeeding and more conflict broke out. The Civil War had begun. The South kept to their slavery ways and became more of an agricultural region. Since they had the tools, people, land, climate, and weather it would be stupid not to become the Plantation side. The North on the other hand went to more industrial ways. They had terrible climate for farmer, hilly landscape, and many innovative minds. The North came up with many industrial ideas and gave way to modern cities we have today. The North, being the economic giants they are, and the South, having more soldiers and war techniques. The battle between the two was greatly bloody and unfortunately high in casualties. Back then, they didn't have the modern technology to protect them as we do today. The fight was even greater powered then any other war. This was a fight of passion and vigor. As the war raged on the troops were becoming tired and the North was becoming more restless. Soon the South gave in and ended the civil war for good.

The setting of Great Gatsby (1920's)

The Roaring 20’s, it was a time of celebration and wealth. There was great parties and amazing money. The stock market was raging and credit was even better than sliced bread. The ban on liquor ban back fired and made the alcohol even cheaper. Times were great back then, the WW I had ended and everyone needed a time to take off. More corruption in the police and government than any other country. There was nothing that could stop it. Until the actual amount of national debt became too much for the banks. Corporations lost much money which caused the stock market to noes dive and caused everyone else to loose money. Debts raised tremendously and Banks didn't have enough money to supply demands. Jobs kept on firing and never letting up. People actually used Credit to borrow money out of the banks, they manned to borrow more money than the US actually had. Thus dipping America into a cold dark deep depression. They had to get rid of there houses, there wealth, and there cars. Not all people got rid of there cars. They made makeshift tents out of them so it would serve as a purpose. There was basically no other sign of giving away, until.

Adolf Jacob Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a soldier in World War I. His parents died when he was a teenager. He was left on his own with no purpose. Until he got into painting, he saw the abstract beauty of art work. When Adolf tried to paint he was only rejected to the streets. He tried getting into school, he tried selling his paintings cheap, he even tried giving the paintings away but nothing worked. He eventually stopped and quite. He then wanted to be in the German army but failed the draft test in his home town, Austria-Hungary. He then later tried someplace else and barely passed through. He wasn't the strongest guy in Germany. After he got in he was given the job of trench deliverer. He would deliver messages to other parts of his trench, sometimes to other trenches in all. He would have most likely died doing this job, but not yet. He once was in a trench and a gas bomb went off. He tried to get a gas mask on but it just wouldn't fit over his mustache. He held his breath for several minutes until the coast was clear. Right after the gas event he went to cut his mustache into the style in is known today. Another time before the war was over, he was left for dead in a field. Not so far from civilization he started to walk to the city. A British soldier had him in his sights, a gun right on him, no way he could miss. The British soldier didn't have the heart to shoot, and didn’t. Hitler then returned to his trench only to find another type of gas. This one caused the skin to rash and swell up. Gas mask didn't do anything. Him, and two other people got injured from the gas the other people there got out in time. He was sent home to emergency care. When he came too, he heard the news that Germany had lost the war. He quickly became sad and enraged. Enraged because Germany was in poverty, sad because now that the war is over he had no place in the world. He met some people at a bar, they started talking about a revolution for a new political party. He followed them to a rented hotel room where they, and many others were having a meeting. He could tell it was a public meeting because no one told him to go away. The men eventually got in a loud talk about how Germany deserved better. Hitler found himself rising to his feet. The men stopped and looked at him wondering where he came from. Hitler then gave a speech right then and there that would give him a place in leader ship of the political group they had, called the Nazis. Eventually they got into power at Germanys darkest times. Hitler made Germany a communist government and put himself at the head. He taught people about Jews and how they were the “root of all evil” and they believed him. He set up concentration camps and sent them to dead. He had no sign of loosening the reigns. Until The Americans came in and invaded the place he was in. Before they could get to him, he killed himself and made his wife killed herself too.