Taiga Biome

Magdeline Najera

Plant Adaptations

Many trees are evergreen so that plants can photosythesize right away when temperatures can rise, Many trees have needle like leaves which shape loses less water and sheds snow more easily than broad leaves, waxy coating on needles prevent evaporation, many trees have branches that droop downward to help shed excess snow to keep the branches from breaking, needles are dark in color allowing more solar heat to be absorbed.

Evolution of taiga plants

Coniferous trees are also known as evergreens. They have long, thin waxy needles. The wax gives them some protection from freezing temperatures and from drying out. Evergreens don't loose their leaves in the winter like deciduous trees. They keep their needles all year long. This is so they can start photosynthesis as soon as the weather gets warm. The dark color of evergreen needles allows them to absorb heat from the sun and also helps them start photosynthesis early.