"A Dream Within A Dream" By Edgar

Francisco Lovely Tapia Lo

Name: Edgar Allan Poe

Birth/Death: 1809-1849

Lived: Boston, Massachusetts

Major Contributions To Society

- Poe was accepted to the United States Military Academy.

- Poe had gambling debts.

- Poe enlisted into the United States Army.

Major Contributions To Literature

- Poe sold short stories to magazines.

- Poe was the editor to the Southern Literary Messenger.

- Poe work as a editor, poet, and critic on American and international literature.


- Edgar Allan Poe was one of the first American writers to become a major figure.

- Poe was one of the first critics to focus on the effect of structure and style.

- Mallarme and Rimbaud claimed Poe as a literary precursor.

One Fun Fact

Edgar Allan Poe's practitioners said that he may have been suffering from rabies.

Identify the main emotion and tone of the piece

The main emotion we think that was in this poem is confusion and sadness.

The tone of this poem is desperation.

Genesis - Land Of Confusion [Official Music Video]
The connections between the two is confusion and dreams. In the video the land is a land of confusion and dreams of screams. In the poem, there was desperation and confusion, wondering if it was a dream within another dream.