Flips, Tricks and Pseudoephedrine

Andreea Raducan

About the Athlete

Andreea Raducan is a famous gymnast who won a gold metal after she competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics when she was just 17 years old. She amazed the crowd with her great performance and awarded with a gold metal but also stunned everyone including herself when she was found guilty of taking pseudoephedrine. A substance Andreea unknowingly knew was banned from the Olympics. She was stripped of her metal.
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Pseudoephedrine...What Is It?

Pseudoephedrine is a prescription medication used to treat the congestion of the nose. Although not common to be misused the decongestant was used in replacement for other harmful drugs. The popular man-made drug Methamphetamine otherwise known as "Crystal Meth" or "Speed" can be made from Pseudoephedrine and is the most likely way that the decongestant is misused. Another way this drug is abused is by using it to lose weight. Ephedra is a herb used for weight loss, obesity as well as to enhance athletic performance. People misuse Pseudoephedrine for the ephedra-like effects that it has on the body, (only when used incorrectly).

Different forms of Pseudophedrine

Types of PEDS


  • Methylene........Explosion
  • Stanzolol...........Winstrol
  • Methamphetamine.......Crystal Meth/Speed

The Goldman Dilemma


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Taking it back....

As far back as Ancient Greece, doping has been used. Of course not in the way that it is used today Back in Ancient Greece, athletes had special and unique diets that they followed for when they had to compete in the Olympic games. At the St. Louis Olympic games in 1904, twenty-four years before doping was banned from the Olympic games, a marathon runner named Mark Hicks ran first to the finish line thanks to injections of strychnine and doses of brandy. Mark was the first person to attempt doping at the Olympics. When Olympic athletes are found guilty of doping banned substances, they are punished by having their recently won metals taken away and banned from the competition for at least two years. If they are caught a second time the athlete may face a lifetime band from the games.

Here's the Math!

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The pie chart above represents the percentage of how much many athletes were found guilty of using each performance enhancing drug during doping tests in 2005. As you can see Anabolic Agents were used the most amongst the athletes and Narcotics was used the least.
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The bar graph above represents how many doping incidents there were from the 1968 summer Olympic games to the winter Olympics in 2010.

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