Year at a Glance

Grant Sandercox

Let me tell you about myself...

I havent lived in lubbock all my life. I lived in Arlington until I was 4.  I am very athletic and I like to keep active. My family means everything to me and i wouldnt trade them for anything. I love to play football, track, and lift weights. I have two brothers,one sister and two loving parents.

Year at a Glance

What a joy my sophmore year has been. It has been a journey from start to finish. All the new people and teachers I have met has made this year great. I am really glad the way i have done this year. 

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is to go to a Jungle. I would love to go explore a jungle even though it may be dangerous. After I am done exploring I would like to take a helicopter ride over some of the jungle to see what it looks like. I would like to camp out in the middle of the jungle to see what it would be like.

Advice for upcoming Sophmores

Always turn in your work in on time. It will help your grades so much if you never have missing or late work. Another thing is that you always try your hardest on test. Tests  are a huge part of your grade and if you do good on them then it will reflect well on you.