GCIS Weekly News 3/24/17

Weekly Celebrations, Successes, and Up Coming Events!

Awesome Students of the Week!

Here is a photo of our awesome students of the week! These students have worked hard demonstrating safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors throughout the week! Keep Being Awesome!
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GCIS Office News

Our next PBIS incentive that the kiddos will be working towards is the Webb House in Jefferson! More details to come in April!

Color-A-Thon is just around the corner! We are so excited to host our color-a-thon again this year on Friday, May 19th! Click here to sign-up and learn more about it!

Kick off date will be April 6th for our kiddos! They will have about 5 weeks to raise the money for their t-shirt and prize packages for the color-a-thon! Be looking for their packets they will be bringing home! There are some extra incentives to go with it!

If you have questions in regard to this event, please call our office @ 515-738-5721.

We're not here to be average; We're here to be AWESOME!

4th Grade Happenings!

In Science we are finishing up a unit on how our land changes over time. We will be starting projects that will have the students creating structures that can withstand an earthquake or Tsunami.

In Reading we are finishing up our Civil Rights projects. We will be presenting our learning to our peers. We are all excited about our new read alouds. Ask your child about what is going on in the book.

In Math we have been ordering fractions and have introduced the relationship between fractions and decimals. Some of us have even been modeling decimals with base ten blocks. It has been an exciting week in the world of fourth grade math!

5th Grade Happenings!

Lit./SS: In reading, we have been working on identifying text structures in informational texts. In social studies, we have started learning about how early European explorers have impacted our U.S. history.

Math: We are continuing to work with coordinate graphing. It has been dotting.

6th Grade Happenings!

In literature and social studies we are finishing up our read aloud. We are preparing to write a research paper and are starting to look at different text structures. The kids have a big assignment based on their personal reading book. They need to make sure they are reading 20 minutes each night at home.

In science, students are exploring how organisms’ structures enable life’s functions. Students used microscopes to examine different items to determine if they are made of cells. Seeing things under the microscope was really exciting.

In math, we are working on unit rates, percents as fraction, and finding the percent of a number.

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4th Grade students will be presenting a Music Program Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at the Greene County Intermediate School Gymnasium at 7:00 p.m.

Students will be demonstrating vocal skills as well as note and rhythm reading with a recorder performance. Our students have been diligent working toward group and individual goals.

Students should wear the red Greene County Intermediate t-shirts with the mantra “We’re not here to be average; We’re here to be AWESOME and preferably pants without holes. Students will report to the Intermediate Music Room at 6:30 p.m. Please keep coats with you when you leave your child at the Music Room Tuesday evening.

Thank you for all you do to support your children and the arts!

Media & Tech Lit

9 Tips to Inspire Family Reading

Making family reading time is a vital way to help your child become an expert reader.

1. Nourishing the Meal Time - Have your kids read recipes aloud to you while you’re cooking dinner. From ingredient lists to cooking directions, this kind of family reading will help build vocabulary, fluency…and dessert!

2. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? - While your family is eating together, discuss what your favorite characters would have for dinner – Harry Potter might like pumpkin juice and chocolate frogs while Geronomo Silton could crave some cheese! Incorporating characters of favorite stories into your eating routine is a delicious way to promote deep thinking about character traits and motivation.

3. Story Charades - Choose a story your family knows well — like a well-read book or fairytale — and act out the beginning, middle, and end of the story. If you have more family than characters, a few could do the acting and the others can be the audience or be the narrator. This activity helps readers reexamine and understand story lines and details.

4. Who Am I? - Choose one of your child’s favorite book characters, then describe his or her personality traits, problems, and physical descriptions until she guesses the character’s identity. This game is a fun way to pass time when you’re stuck in traffic or at a bus stop.

5. Book Nooks - Create “book nooks” with your child. Book nooks are comfy places to sit and read. They should have good lighting and containers filled with sticky notes, colorful pens, pencils, and a small dictionary. Book nooks will motivate your children not only to read, but to select favorite parts with sticky notes, or look up words they don’t know.

6. Marking the Spot - Making book marks together is a great, simple family reading activity. Just cut bookmark-sized cardboard from cereal or shoe boxes, then get crafty! Use brightly-colored markers to write titles, authors, and favorite quotes. Younger readers can draw or cut and paste pictures from old magazines.

7. Reach Out and Read - Boost family reading by involving loved-ones who live far away. Using Skype or another video conferencing program, have your child share a book with relatives. Make sure the book is one that your reader has read a few times already; repetition is a fantastic way to enhance reading skills. Younger readers love to show-off their fluency, and oral reading builds confidence. Grandma will be pretty thrilled as well.

8. Kid Karaoke - Download songs and their lyrics for a family karaoke night. Seeing words and singing them at the same time is a fun way to develop vocabulary…and practice your Elvis impersonations!

9. Family Reading Web pages - Using simple and free online programs, create a family reading Web page. Include sections for each family member’s book reviews, favorite book lists, “authors I’d like to lunch with” lists, pictures of famous authors, links to local libraries, kid-safe fan pages, and reading games.

Special Education News

We are looking at data and seeing how our students are growing and how we can improve our instruction.

Band News

The following is a link to the schedule for the 5th and 6th solo and ensemble recital on April 15th. The recital takes place at the Intermediate building music room, in Grand Junction. This is a “come for your performance time, and after that you may leave if you like” event. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your performance time. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns. solo and ensemble schedule


6th Grade students are learning about perspective drawing. They did 1 point perspective with their names last year and this time we are learning about 2 point perspective. They are drawing a street corner with buildings, signs, doors, windows and other details. This is a really cool project if you remember that vertical lines are always straight up and down and the horizontal lines go towards one vanishing point or the other.

5th grade art students are finishing up their 3D drawings using background, middle and foreground.

4th grade students have started on a self portrait. We drew faces together as a class and then they get to watercolor them and add their own details. I can’t wait to hang them up!


4th grade TAG worked on a levitating pencil using magnets!!! They got it to work and are excited to present it to their classes!

5th grade TAG students worked on creating a magic show using math! We learned it at the Lights! Camera! Math! Program that we went to at ISU. Each one of the students is mastering one of the magic tricks and then we are going to present to the rest of the school!

6th grade TAG students are studying hard for Battle of the Books which is coming up in TWO WEEKS! It will be April 6th at 4:00 at the Ames Public Library. Parents are invited to come and watch. (Make sure to bring change for the parking meters!) I sent an email to each parent with attachments. If you did not get it, please let me know and I can mail it to you too. Students have the document with study questions for each book, so have them study hard. Even if they have not read that particular book for their team, they could still get a question right by studying!

Counseling News

In Life Skills we are continuing career skills exploration and will soon be asking community members to share their knowledge and career experience with us. If you would like to share career information with students please contact us and we will set up a time for you to visit--we would love to have you present!

Pennies for Patients

4th Grade TAG students are planning some fun activities for our last week of Pennies for Patients Fundraiser, March 27-31. We will have dollar days such as pajama day, favorite sports team day and hat day, as well as a classic penny-war among homerooms. We may also do “stuck for a buck” if any brave staff members are willing to volunteer (dollar for a long strip of tape to tape a teacher to a wall).

There is still plenty of time to donate for this great cause!

GCIS online giving page:


Here are links to some of the videos shared from the Iowa Luekemia & Lymphoma Society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5IrHV8tLCU and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiFffY9Znhc&list=PLsHUL9NYPnCL0QVuzUayQNR7vLU7ldMAT&index=11.

Nurse News!

A letter explaining the new law requiring the Meningococcal Vaccine is being sent to 6th graders. All students entering 7th grade in the 2017-2018 school year will be required to have the vaccine before school starts. Students entering 7th grade also need to show proof of having the Tdap vaccine. Here is a link to a Q & A from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Meningococcal Secondary School Vaccine Requirement Questions and Answers

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