The Glorious Revolution

the overthrowing of Kings

What Was it?

The overthrow of King James II of England, James VII of Scotland, and James II of Ireland by a union of English Parliamentarians with the Dutch stadtholder William III of Orange-Nassau is what is commonly refered to as the Glourious revolution. It all started when Oliver Cromwell started a civil war between the ideas of absolute monarchism and limited monarch power. The loser was Charles the first who was beheaded and his two sons, Charles II and James II were exiled to France. In 1659 Cromwell died leaving a political emptiness, which lead to the coronation of Charles II in 1662. This did not however fix the struggle for power. James II soon was coordinated after his brother in 1685, which lead to a fragmentation of the government. The Whigs favoring exclusion of the king and the Tories who did not favor exclusion. James's rule angered many and actually brought the Tories and the Whigs to an agreement that James needed to be overthrown. The two fractions sought out the help of James's daughter. Marry, and her husband William Orange. William gathered up the Dutch army of which he was the commander of, and invaded England. The invasion caused James II to flee to France, there by forfeiting the throne. William and Marry where co-coroneted officially on February 13, 1689. The power was simplified though in 1694 After Queen Marry II's death.

How these events effected the rest of ther world.

One major effect the Glorious Revolution had on the rest of the world is how it effected the Americas. The political turmoil in England lead to many rebellions in the colonies that are seen as precursors to the American Revolution.