5 Retailers

By: Mason Goddard


The Nike Store is a very well known brand, and the store is usually well populated. It uses simple designs and bright colors to attract a mainly athletic crowd. They up sell by when you are looking at a pair of sneakers they try introducing you to a over priced pair of Jordan's. They cross-sell when you buy a pair of shoes they try and sell you a pair of socks to go with it.

Pro Image Sports

This sports store uses some of the same tactics as the Nike store but really relies on the brand recognition, as the store sells sports jerseys and other items. They up sale by when someone buys a Broncos pencil they try to sell them a jersey. This is also cross-selling. This is a specialty store as well.
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Phone Tech and Repair

This store is a service retailer that fixes phones and other items. They sell products by the necessity for it to be picked. They cross sell by when you fix a phone they try and sell you a case to protect it. They up sell you by trying to sell you a more expensive plan to fix your screen. (No symbol available).
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This is another specialty store that is almost exactly like the Nike store, only with different designs and colors. They upset by trying to sell you an expensive pair of sweatpants after looking at the cheapest ones. They cross sell by selling you a backpack to put your new sweatpants.
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Sunglass Hut International

This is another speciality store that sells sunglasses and accessories. People buy here because of brand recognition and clever salesmen. They can up sell you by convincing you to buy a really expensive pair of Oakley's. They cross-sell you by speaking about a nice case for the glasses.
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