Theory X and Theory Y

Back Ground

Douglas McGregor (1906 - 1964) is one of the forefathers of management theory and one of the top business thinkers of all time. He was a social psychologist who became the President of Antioch College.
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Where the Concept came from

McGregor theory came from his book "The Human Side of Enterprise". This book has had a large influence on management fields.
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Theory X and Theory Y

Douglas McGregor is an American Social psychologist who came up with a concept of Theory X and Theory Y management.
McGregor looked more how the employer’s attitude towards employees affected their motivation he split the employer is to either of the two categories theory X and theory Y. Theory X believes that employees dislike work, they only work for money, they have to be under constant supervision and dislike responsibility. Whereas on the other had employees working for a theory Y employer, enjoy their work, work to better themselves as a person, like autonomy/ freedom and like having responsibility.

Application to the Team Event

If the manager was a theory X (which he wasn't, he was such a legend!) then the team he/she was organising would have dis-liked work and tried avoiding it as much as possible. He or she would have had to threaten punishment order for them team to work.
Whereas theory Y would be looking for the team to strive for their own personal goals in order to reach the teams goals. The team wouldn't be lazy when doing planning everyone would be motivated. The team would seek and accept responsibility. Distributes work evenly accross the team/ group for example promtion manager finance manager.