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Jollyville Elementary - January Newsletter

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Welcome Back Everyone!

Happy new year to everyone! We hope that you have all had the break that you wanted and are fresh and vibrant for the new semester :)

We are definitely ready to get our counseling program started again! We will start guidance lessons on January 19th. Our lunch bunches and small groups will start at the beginning of February. We are planning a career day, so be on the look out for more information on that. We will be asking parents to participate by presenting their careers to the students. How exciting!

Guidance Lessons

Kinder/1st- Students will be learning about cyber safety using the "cyber 5 rules". This includes not sharing personal information on the internet, only downloading with a parents permission, not responding to mean or inappropriate messages (tell an adult instead), and if students feel uncomfortable with anything on the internet they should tell an adult.

2nd/3rd- Student will be learning about cyber safety to a more in-depth level than the younger students. Students will learn about safety when chatting online, staying on safe websites, and talking to parents or guardians when they find something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Students will share out other helpful tips when using the internet.

4th/5th- Students will be learning about digital citizenship and their digital footprints. Students will also review cyber safety and share out helpful tips they have learned over the years.

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Canyon Vista Bound 5th Graders Get a Visit

On January 26th, Canyon Vista Middle School staff and some current students will visit our CVMS bound 5th graders to present the Fine Arts program. CVMS students will showcase their work, explain courses, and answer questions the 5th grader have for them. The main purpose of this visit is to inform our 5th graders of the course offerings in the Fine Arts Department.