American Society during 1900s

By Grey McBride


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Political ex. robberbarons and captains of industry.

Controlled the production of goods and the location of where and when they were distributed.
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Economic. Ex. Transconinental Railroad

It allowed greater trade options and better distribution of goods.
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Social/Cultural Ex. philanthropy

Even though we are becoming more technologically advanced, we should be more concerned with the more humane side of our country.


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Political Ex. party bosses.

Were in charge of votes of immigrants so they controlled what the government did and allowed.
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Economic Ex. push and pull factors.

the more opportunities for jobs and living space made it so more factories were created and therefore also boosting production.

Social/Cultural Ex. americanization.

Tried to make immigrants appear more American , therefore attempting to make one solid culture with little diversity.


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Political Ex. no room for crops

as more people migrated to the city there was no room for them and the Government controlled what and where these people went and did. They also had less people producing agriculture needs with the explosion of people in the city.
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Economic Ex. urban migration

Not as many people producing food which may have resulted in an increase in the goods of the factories but even less from farms.
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Social/ Cultural Ex. tenement houses

Less room to live in as more people move to city which results in a less diverse culture difference. Forms tenement houses that create small communities of the same race and/or religion.


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Political Ex. 19th Amendment

Political views were forever changed as more freedom were spread throughout the people, such as the right for women to vote.

Economic Ex. Child labor act

Made it so that no child 14 or under would work in a factory. Gave more opportunities for adult for jobs and made it so companies gave fair pay to workers.
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Social/Cultural Ex. National parks

Set a standard to protect what we need to survive, trees etc., and to respect all we could care about.


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Anti-imperialist league stopped fighting against the Phillipines
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Economic Ex. Germany negotiating with Mexico

Germans wanted more land so they started planning and plotting to take it from other countries.
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Social/Cultural Ex. New Doctrine

New doctrine would justify every terror.

World War 1

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Political Ex. Wilsons 14 points

Wilson came up with ways to find peace instead of war but sadly it never stuck.
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Economic Ex. Rivalry of groups

Competition between capitalist groups led to conflict and markets becoming reliant on foreign sources.
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Social/Cultural Ex. Alliances cartoon

German alliance with Mexico and Japan while other forces fought them for control as well. coming to each others aid.