English Grammar

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Parts of a sentence

A noun phrase is when a bunch of words include a person, place, thing or idea. EX: The duck, The cat.

A verb phrase is when a bunch of words include a action.

EX: The dragons soared high the verb phrase is dragon soared here is another example The bunny jumped high the verb phrase is bunny jumped high.

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Articles are apart of English

A article is some thing that defines a noun like a, an and the. Here are some examples a duck, the cake, a frog, the game, a book, the page, I want an apple, I want a toy.
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Why is I part of lazy nouns or pronouns?

I is part of Pronouns because when you use words that are super long they are exhausting when you are done so you replace them with I. Here is a example I want this paper the pronoun is I.
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What is the difference between a Action Verb and Linking verb

A action verb is action you do and a linking verb is when you were there or just was or is but what is the difference? The difference is that action verb you are doing something like jumping or running but a linking w-verb is like past and present. Linking verb is when you are there or just was there. Here is a example of a linking verb: I just was at the store. Here is a example of a action verb: John is running to the mall. Running is your verb or action verb.

Action Verb

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Linking Verb

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