Morgan Stanley Capco Rewards & Recognition

The Morgan Stanley Capco Rewards & Recognition Program highlights those individuals or groups who consistently provide a level of excellence in delivery or performance that exceeds expectations.

Please congratulate your current winners!

Muhammad Arshad

Mo has been with MS for over a year. In his current role, Mo is an integral part of Central Wealth Management PMO team and supports CSO, CMCP, PBO, PGS, and COO. With his positive attitude, he has built strong relationship with the BMs, VPs and EDs. Mo’s ability to resolve issues and deliver quality work without compromising the relationships with other teams is testimony of quality resources at Capco. Combination of Mo’s positive attitude and My confidence in his abilities to deliver high quality work has resulted in more opportunities for him.

Mo deserves this recognition because in addition to his day-to-day task, he seeks opportunities to better serve his clients and provide professional quality service. Recently, working with the global PMO team, Mo led the effort to resolve hundreds of quality check hygiene items and made sure that Wealth Management was not only compliant but leading the other divisions in least amount of outstanding QC items; he partnered with global PMO on PPM time entry, and I am delighted to highlight that WM consistently achieved 100% compliance on PPM time sheets completion. In an effort to be proactive, WM now remains PPM time sheet compliant on weekly basis, as opposed to monthly basis. Furthermore, Mo created a benefit tracking template, utilized by the OEC on a bi-weekly basis. This reporting ensures that all benefits are achieved on time and that any delay or benefit cancellations are reported to all appropriate stakeholders on a timely fashion. As a result, SP, PPM, benefits, and DT data is more reliable and our processes are more aligned with global CTB vision and policies, which significantly helped with budget planning and estimating lean and streamline savings for WM.

Additionally, Mo went above and beyond his current responsibilities to support Capco FOPS team to make the MS Capco invoicing process more efficient by revamping the accrual and actuals process. Due to Mo’s efforts with Capco FOPS WM pays Capco invoices one or two months faster than before. Mo is an indispensable asset to our team and consistently exceeds expectation.

Chris Zhang

Chris goes above and beyond to help the CTB team deliver high quality deliverables when given very tight deadlines. Several Capco members are relatively new to the team who didn’t have sufficient time to complete knowledge transfer and training but Chris provided a significant lift to avoid any potential delays. Not only did the team get acclimated with the processes and systems, he also stepped up to perform tasks not assigned to him, in addition to his own work without sacrificing the level of quality of his own deliverables.

In addition Chris has made a great impact in ensuring that our team completes testing in a timely fashion. Ensures that we have testing coverage when others don’t understand the material or just haven’t completed the testing. Finally made us look better in the client’s eyes; they feel more assured that adequate/proper testing has been conducted when Chris tests (i.e., he is trusted by the client)

Radhika Ashok

Radhika is the project lead for an extremely demanding project (EA Integration) and has built a terrific relationship with the client. Recently, she has been in charge of bringing a new resource up to speed on the project while preparing for the next phase of her project. In addition, she has been the lead for testing 101 that was provided to MS employees and helped provide training to new associates.

Sridhar Nonabur Srinivasamurthy

Sri joined the CAP collateral team since Feb 2016. Within two weeks of joining the team, Sri was able to setup his own working group with IT and making significant contribution. This work has been highlighted by the client as one of the key achievements in the collateral space. In addition, Sri went above and beyond managing the project from high level as well as deep dive into the details. Sri is looking at the front to back flow, liaising with multiple teams - Change, IT, Finance and the Business Unit to elicit requirements and define project delivery. As a result of Sri’s commitment and tireless effort, projects are on track to complete on time with all the critical requirements. Client has been very pleased with Sri and is giving him more responsibility in managing global projects.

Mary Huang

Mary successfully managed the deployment of the Case Management tool, which is a Field driven initiative to bring Service Portal functionality to the BPM Platform. She managed the initial assessment to identify a roll-out strategy, identify a pilot team, and determine the impact of the tool to each team. Mary lead the test strategy, planning and execution leading up to the successful weekend checkout activities and go-live for a pilot team. Mary has been a key factor to the success of this implementation. She has been facing off regularly with stakeholders across the entire WM Ops organization and has been identified as a key resource for the CSO Change the Bank program. Her positive outlook and ability to work well with stakeholders, clients and peers has made her a key asset to the CSO Team. Thank you, Mary for all of your hard work and continued success!

Leslie Yeung

Leslie currently supports Morgan Stanley’s CTB Portfolio Management and Control Group (PMC) and is responsible for providing portfolio management services to specific silos such Branch Ops Americas and Investment Management Operations. In addition to serving as a Silo PMC Officer, Leslie also supports our data analytics services across a $300M portfolio. And as you might expect, these current responsibilities can be both demanding and time consuming. However, what has been impressing Leslie’s key stakeholders as of late is not his tireless effort to the quality execution of his current service delivery efforts but in his thought leadership and guidance. For example, Leslie took a lead role in the construction of the Fraud Operations Portfolio and worked closely with management to design and implement the appropriate program and project delivery mechanisms. As a result of Leslie’s willingness to take the initiative to improve upon our service model, Fraud Ops is now in more favorable position to make informed decisions about investment mix, matching objectives to investments, and in balancing portfolio risk against performance.

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You can nominate a CAPCO Star at any time, and winners will be announced on an alternating monthly schedule.

If you’d like to submit an individual or team for either award please send an email to MS group alias capcostars. Please include:

  • Description of what this person's role currently is
  • What actions went above and beyond their current responsibilities
  • Describe the effort it took for this person and the impact their actions had
  • Why specifically do you feel they should be recognized

Please feel free to reach out to your Capcostars team with any questions!


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