Mrs. Ashleigh's Foundations Class

End of the Year Ceremony

Hi, everyone. I can't believe we are already closing out our CC year, it seems like we just got going. I wanted to send out a list of memory work that our class will be sharing together during the End of the Year Ceremony.


Week 13- What are some parts of the earth?

Week 14- What are 3 kinds of rocks?

Week 15- What is each continent's highest mountain?


Weeks 3 & 4, 15 & 16- 1st Declension


Linking Verbs

We will be working specifically on these memory pieces during our review time the next two weeks but it would be helpful if you drilled these at home too. We will be singing Latin and English and trying to add the hand motions to the linking verbs, we may simplify it to marching if we need too. For science we will be doing hand motions. The link is below if you need to see what we did for each week.

History Sentences

Below are the History weeks that each of the students picked on Monday. These will be sung just by your student during the End of the Year Ceremony.

Riley- Week 4: Tell me about the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

Owen- Week 13: Tell me about the Kush.

Abby- Week 5: Tell me about the split of the Roman Empire.

Gabby- Week 6: Tell me about the fall of Rome.

James- Week 14: Tell me about the Songhai.

Lesson Plans

I am including a link to a Google Doc for all 24 weeks of lesson plans. If you have any questions about CC Connected or anything else please feel free to contact me using the information below.