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December Shout Outs Edition


6th Grade Exhibition Highlights

6th Grade Scholars tackled a BIG issue: Food Insecurity From Past to Present.

Project Description: Since the beginning of human history, people have struggled to ensure that they have access to healthy food on a daily basis.

1 in 6 children in the US and 40 million Americans total are food insecure everyday. Globally 2 billion people are food insecure. As a result, many experience poor nutrition, poor health, and in some cases death.

Students will explore how food insecurity influences food production and art.

6th Grade Scholars also wrote books with Food Insecurity as the theme. Brooklyn did a great job! Here's just a little of her amazing story.

"Mama, I'm hungry! When are you going to go get food?"

"I'm sorry baby, I couldn't catch anything last night, but I will try harder tonight..." replied the mother owl.

Then Chip realized that the next day was Thanksgiving! So he decided to hop on some more trees to find out how many animals are going to be hungry on Thanksgiving. There were so many animals that didn't have food... and that was when Chip realized that he himself now had a duty, a duty to get food to all of the hungry animals in Explorer Forest!...

7th Grade Exhibition Highlights

These are just a few samples of the awesome work our 7th Grade scholars did when tackling the issues of natural disasters!

Our students had to design a space and system that could meet the needs of the community with the context of an area's threat of death and destruction by natural disaster.

Here's a great example by one of our 7th Grade teams; Faith, Amanuel, Jeaneth and Ryan:


Technology Access Foundation Spotlight

Victoria Thompson

Hi everyone! My name is Victoria Thompson and I am the new STEM Integration Transformation Coach at TAF@Saghalie. At the school, I support students and teachers with PBL initiatives, using educational technology to support student growth and learning in the PBL process, and guidance through the STEMbyTAF framework. With this combination of skills that I help teach and advocate for, students become directors and managers of their learning process, guided and mentored by the skilled teachers at our school.

This connects to our community and our goals by virtue of collaboration and student growth. PBL blends meaningful work, authentic learning experiences, and academic content mastery to create powerful experiences for our students, and it couldn't be done without the help and support of you all working alongside people like myself to make it a reality. I am proud to work at TAF@Saghalie!

8th Grade Exhibition Highlights

Rube Goldberg: Students worked alone or in groups to make a Rube Goldberg Machine. The connection with math is students showing translation, dilation, and reflection. Humanities connection is viewing government as a machine and drafting a law.

TAF@Saghalie - Level One King County Green School

Congratulations to the TAF@SGH school community for being recognized as a Level One King County Green School! We are very proud that our school involved students and staff in reducing, reusing, and recycling. We want to offer a very special thanks to our head custodian, Ms. Margarita and our Community In Schools coordinator, Kim Foster for all of their hard work in ensuring that we earned this unique recognition!
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High School Exhibition Highlights

Nuclear Power Site Fitness Evaluation & Nuclear Energy Congressional Proposal

Scholars will investigate the feasibility of a nuclear power plant for a given region worldwide, selected by the scholar. They will investigate the environmental impact, technological feasibility, and societal impact of their preferred location using a trade-off model though the lens of equity

Scholars will also propose a site for a new nuclear power plant to the department of energy. The proposal will include an investigation into the environmental impact, community impact (both economical and societal), and reasonableness of location based on physical and technological access

Shout outs to our 9/10 group of Matt Blakefield, Achilles Phirama and Caleb Howard! Great example of group work. They communicated with each other which effectively split the work and allowed them to deliver an awesome presentation!

Shout outs to our 11/12 group of Aiden Blanco, Ashwal Chand and Erik Peterson. Even though the three of them chose their own site, they came together at the end to critically analyze which of the three sites would be best. Great evaluation!

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TAF@Saghalie Speech Club Update

On December 12th TAF@Saghalie competed in an online speech and debate tournament with students across the state. The River Hawk invitational was held out of Pasco Washington and students competed via video submissions. Senior, Daniel Chung placed first in Tall Tales and Spontaneous Oral Interpretation. This is a strong start to our season and we are excited for what is to come.

We're always looking for new members! If interest, please contact Ms. Alex Mikler, amikler@fwps.org.