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"The Week Ahead" Newsletter (4/12/21 - 4/19/21)

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SAT Testing Day (11th Graders): Tuesday, April 13th (PLEASE READ)

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that your student will take the SAT on Tuesday, April 13th. The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that’s accepted at all U.S. colleges. The SAT measures the reading, writing, and math skills that students are learning in high school. It lets students show that they have the knowledge they need to succeed in college and career. The following are other key benefits of participating in the SAT School Day.

  • Testing on a school day does not interfere with weekend work or family obligations.

  • Students test in a familiar location with staff they know which may reduce stress associated with testing.

  • Students who have been struggling academically are provided with another opportunity to demonstrate their college readiness to universities.

  • Students who take the SAT can use College Board programs that support college access, including college application fee waivers and four free score sends.

Additionally, students can also meet Florida Grade 10 English Language Arts and Algebra 1 End-of-Course Assessment graduation requirements if concordant or comparative reading and math scores are used. More information related to statewide assessment graduation requirements is available at

For additional information, including practice tests and sample questions regarding this assessment, please refer to the SAT School Day Student Guide or visit the CollegeBoard website at

Please review the following calculator tips & policy with your student before testing:

Calculator tips for SAT:

  • Students are strongly encouraged to bring a calculator to the SAT on test day, whether they plan to use it or not.

  • Take a calculator you are comfortable using. Do not buy a new one just for the test.

  • Do not try to use the calculator on every question. Not every question requires one.

  • Decide how to solve each problem before deciding whether to use a calculator.

  • Practice sample questions with a calculator on hand.

Calculator Policy

  • Refer to the SAT School Day Student Guide for a complete listing of approved calculators.

  • Your device may NOT be a pocket organizer, hand-held or laptop computer, electronic writing pad, tablet, or pen input device, calculator with a QWERTY (typewriter-like) keypad, calculator with paper tape, calculator that makes noises or "talks", calculator with a power cord or that requires an outlet.

If you have any questions, please contact Miriam King at

Thank you,

Miriam King

College & Career Counselor

SAT Testing Room Locator (11th Grade)

Proctor /Testing Last Names /Room #

Skindel Acosta-Barton /Knott-Lawson/ Marquez 259

Lane Bastien-Bustos 256

Hasty Caballeros Aguila -Cruz 260

Krautter Cuevas Lopez-Exceus 203

Liles Farquharson-Gaudette 257

Martin Ghent II-Haugabook/ Zamora 261

Fullam Hay-Howe / Yanez-Zambrana Garcia 258

Thomas Hummel-Knighten 255

Locks Lecointe-Mann 254

Killough Martin-Mondelus 431

Long Monge-Norwood 433

Shattuck Noyola-Plummer 429

Katzmayr Poormand-Rios-Trejo 205

Shipp-Washington Rivera-Russell 432

Alcantara Sales-Soto 201

Feroben Spencer-VaSquez 204

Talley Vazquez-Xiong 202

Hategan/ Para ELL 251/253

Perez Accommodations 434

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Students and Parents-- Sumner HS & Academy 2027 has started a Faculty Honor Roll. Faculty Honor Roll recognizes our entire faculty for the great things they do for our students and families. Please consider requesting a Faculty Honor Roll postcard(s) and write a note of gratitude and/or acknowledgement for the tremendous work our teachers and faculty members do for your children.

The process to complete a FHR postcard: Faculty Honor Roll postcards will be available in the main office (Ms. Byrd will be bring some postcards to the Academy dismissal as well), write a special note to your teacher, teachers, and/or faculty member, and drop it off in the main office. We will deliver the special note to the teacher for you.

The Administration HIGHLY ENCOURAGES our students and parents to show the appreciation we have for teachers and faculty. #bethepositivedifference

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IMPORTANT: High School FSA Testing Information-- PLEASE READ

Testing Dates for Spring 2021 FSA ELA Assessments (ALL 9th & 10th Graders):

FSA Writing for Brick and Mortar Testers: 1 Day Test:

9th Grade Students without Accommodations - April 6

10th Grade Students without Accommodations – April 7

9th Grade Students with Accommodations – April 8

10th Grade Students with Accommodations – April 9

FSA Writing for eLearning Testers: 1 Day Test (Testers must report to school by 8:15am and should be finished testing by 11:15am.):

9th Grade eLearning Students – April 14

10th Grade eLearning Students – April 15

FSA Reading for Brick and Mortar Testers: 2 Day Test:

9th Grade Students – May 4 & 5

10th Grade Students – May 6 & 7

FSA Reading for eLearning Testers: 2 Day Test (Testers must report to school by 8:15am and should be finished testing by 11:00am.)

9th & 10th Grade Students - May 17 & 18

Testing Dates for Spring 2021 EOC Assessments (ALL Students Currently Taking EOC Courses):

Algebra 1 EOC for ALL Testers: 2 Day Test (Students Taking Algebra 1 and Algebra 1B) -

May 11 & 12

Geometry EOC for ALL Testers: 2 Day Test (Students Taking Geometry and Geometry Honors) - May 13 & 14

Biology EOC for ALL Testers: 1 Day Test (Students Taking Biology and pre-AICE Biology) -

May 19

US History EOC for ALL Testers: 1 Day Test (Students Taking US History, US History Honors, and AICE US History) - May 20


Testing RSVP Form for eLearning Families (Let us know if your student will be participating in mandatory state assessments. Please click on the link below to complete the form by April 9.):

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As a reminder, all public school students are required to participate in the statewide standardized assessment program required by section 1008.22, F.S. in Reading, Math, Science, Writing, and Social Studies in specific grades and courses. If a parent has made a request for their student to "opt-out" of testing and is present on the initial scheduled day of a test, they must sit for the test as required by statute. Students who are absent on the day(s) of testing will be provided make-ups opportunities.

The 10th Grade FSA ELA is a reading graduation benchmark test. If a student does not sit for the 10th Grade FSA ELA, they are able to meet this graduation requirement via ACT or SAT. High school students are also provided additional attempts in their junior and senior years to take the 10th Grade FSA ELA Retake test to meet this benchmark.

Along with the FSA ELA at for 10th Grade, End of Course tests (EOCs) also carry additional statutory requirements. Per statute 1008.22, EOC scores are 30% of the student’s final grade. While the ELA assessment has alternate tests to meet promotion or benchmark criteria, the student who does not sit for the EOC in tested courses will receive an NG (no grade) on their report card until they take the test. EOC tests are given in Algebra, Geometry, US History, Civics, and Biology.

Academy Students and Parents: In an effort to provide your child with the best testing environment possible, we want to make sure that you are aware of upcoming testing dates. Once again, all students must be physically on campus to participate in FSA testing.

FSA Writing (6th grade)-- April 13th (REVISION)

FSA Reading/ELA (6th grade)-- May 3rd - May 4th

FSA Math (6th grade)-- May 5th - May 6th

FSA Math (Double Accelerated)-- May 13th - May 14th [8th grade test-6th grade students]

9th and 10th grade FSA ELA and EOCs-- Details to follow in a separate email.

The testing window is short, so please make sure your child is present and arrives on time. Please encourage and support your child with their assessments by ensuring he/she gets a good night's sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, reviews content at home, and brings an "I Can DO" attitude. Thank you for your support and continued efforts in preparing our students for spring testing.

Students: Let these sites help prepare you for upcoming testing

Students and Parents: The following below sites offer students the opportunities to practice their skills for their upcoming FSA and/or EOC exams. We highly encourage our students to access and participate in these resources (free of charge). Please check them out!!

Clever: HCPS sponsors this portal that contains Achieve 3000 and other student resources.

Achieve 3000:

Khan Academy
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Third Nine Weeks Report Cards

Students and Parents,

Third nine week report cards are tentatively scheduled for:

· 4/15/2021 (Thursday): Middle school report cards available to families online

· 4/16/2021 (Friday): High school report cards available to families online

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Tampa-Hillsborough EJI Coalition Launches $15,000 Racial Justice Essay Contest

Tampa, FL -- The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) of Montgomery, Alabama, in partnership with the Tampa - Hillsborough EJI Coalition, invites public high school students in Hillsborough County to enter the Racial Justice Essay Contest and compete for prizes that total up to $15,000.

“We are excited to offer this opportunity for public high school students in Hillsborough County,” said Tampa Councilman Luis Viera who Co-Chairs the Tampa - Hillsborough EJI Coalition. “Understanding the painful Jim Crow era history in our community is an important and powerful step toward repairing the breach.”

Florida State Representative Fentrice Driskell, who also Co-Chairs the Tampa - Hillsborough EJI Coalition further stated, “I am excited by this opportunity to provide our students with the chance to learn and educate others on the truths of our past, for it is only by understanding our history that we will be able to build a future that is more inclusive and just for all people regardless of race or other socioeconomic condition.”

The Rays Baseball Foundation is donating $10,000 of the total amount, with the remaining balance coming from the EJI in Alabama. The contest begins March 22, 2021 and ends June 18, 2021. Contest winners will be awarded their prizes at a July ceremony in Tampa, with the date, time and location to be announced soon.

Public high school students in grades 9 – 12 who are interested should visit Tampa - Hillsborough EJI Coalition Essay Contest website. Details about the contest, including the topics and guidelines are listed on the site. All essays must be submitted to the EJI website by the June 18, 2021 deadline. An EJI panel of judges in Montgomery will select the winners.

EJI Essay Contest Flyer 2021 2.pdf

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Order the Inaugural Sumner HS & Academy 2027 Yearbook!!

There’s still time to order >> Go to

and use school code 21599. Use 21601 for the Academy book.... because volume one only happens once

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Academy 2027 Coffee Talk a BIG SUCCESS-- PLEASE READ NOTES

The Inaugural Sumner Academy 2027 Coffee Talk was a BIG SUCCESS. Mr. Nelson, Ms. Byrd, and Ms. Maldonado provided valuable information and critical updates to our Academy parents.

Some notes from the meeting include:

To improve communication, we will be offering a monthly Coffee Talk to discuss any updates with Academy 2027. The hope is that eventually we can transition to in person meetings, until then we will meet via zoom.

This meeting is not being recorded today; however, we will look into recording future Coffee Talk’s so we can post the meeting for anyone who could not join live. There is a newsletter that will be going out every Sunday and will be posted to the School Website with updates for Sumner High School and Academy 2027. Please check our Twitter feed as well.

We discussed FSA testing dates and pick up times for our students who are E-learning. The FSA Writing has been moved to April 13th for all Academy students. Students who attend school on campus will stay the entire school day on test dates. There will be more information for students who are currently e-learning coming soon with more specific details.

Test Dates:

FSA Writing: April 13th

Drop Off Time: 8 - 8:25 am

Pick-Up Time (E-learning students only): 11:45 am

FSA Reading/ELA: May 3rd & May 4th

Drop Off Time: 8 - 8:25 am

Pick-Up Time (E-learning students only): May 3rd – 10:30 am & May 4TH – 10:30 am

FSA Math: May 5th & May 6th

Drop Off Time: 8 - 8:25 am

Pick-Up Time (E-learning students only): May 5th – 10:30 am & May 6th – 11:45 am

FSA Math (Double Accelerated): May 13th & May 14th

Drop Off Time: 8 - 8:25 am

Pick-Up Time (E-learning students only): May 13th – 10:30 am & May 14th – 11:45 am

As a new school we are always looking to improve communication. There will be a newsletter every Sunday with important information as well as Parentlinks and a monthly Coffee Talk to help distribute information to our Academy parents.

Our FINAL Academy 2027 Coffee Talk (Zoom) will be Thursday, April 30th, at 8:45 am. Zoom details will be sent at a later date. We will provide updates on FSA testing, Uniform Survey, Extramurals (21/22), End-of-the-Year information, and much more. Please join us!!

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Sumner Performing Arts: "Antigone: A Greek Tragedy"

Sumner Performing Arts is promoting our upcoming Spring Play- "Antigone: A Greek Tragedy" running April 22-24 @ 7pm. We will be performing this modernized version of the ancient Greek play outdoors on the Grand staircase and audience members will be seated in socially distanced family groups in the courtyard. A Limited number of Tickets go on Sale Friday, March 26th available at , please be sure to include all parties attending when you purchase tickets if you wish to sit together in a family pod!

Check out our Theatre social media for more info:

Facebook: Sumner High School Theatre Dept. ( @SumnerHSTheatre)

instagram: @sumnerperformingarts

Performing Arts Twitter: @ArtsSumner

Sumner Theatre Twitter: @JSHSTroupe9040

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April is the Month of the Military Child

During “The Month of the Military Child,” schools are asked to recognize their military-connected students and their families’ contributions to our country and community. These young heroes continue to inspire us despite their challenges due to their unique situation, such as having a parent deployed for extended periods, changing schools, and leaving friends. These students demonstrate their resilience through their achievements, successes, and contributions to the community in which they live.

We encourage you to join the Florida Department of Education and Purple Up on Wednesday, April 21, 2021! Wear purple to show your support for military and veteran children. Academy 2027 students may wear a Purple shirt instead of their Uniform shirt on this day. *HCPS Dress Code will be followed

April is the Month of the Military Child! Please join the us in celebrating our military-connected students.


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The American Heart Challenge-- Earn Community Service Hours!!

The American Heart Association (AHA) will have their final scheduled American Heart Challenge on April 13, 2021 at 5:00 P.M.

This National Pilot program brings the opportunity for students to earn “virtual” community service hours towards Florida Bright Futures Scholarships and impact their communities by earning certification in “Hands-Only” CPR and other online Heart Healthy activities.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the American Heart Challenge is in lieu of the Relay for Life as the major AHA High School service-learning opportunity for this school year.

High School students will attend the American Heart Challenge kickoff on Zoom, and then record their completed service opportunity on the Profferfish student volunteer service platform for community service. More than 630 students have participated this year in becoming potential lifesavers in their neighborhoods and schools.

Students will need to register using both links below:

American Heart Challenge website

Zoom Registration Link

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ELP Tutoring

We have ELP tutoring available Tuesday through Thursday from 3:40 pm - 4:40 pm and Saturdays from 9 am - 12 pm. All students are invited if they are requesting assistance with their academic studies or skills. All students can speak with their teachers, guidance counselor, administrators, and/or Ms. Jamie Miller, Success Coach, for more details.

ELP Math Tutoring

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Attendance MATTERS Every Period Every Day

REMINDER: Attendance Matters Every Period Every Day. We cannot educate our students at an optimal level if they are not present and/or late to school, including our elearners. Elearners need to be present in their Zoom sessions and check in with their teachers on a daily basis through CANVAS.

State Law requires that students, 14 to 18 years of age, who have not earned a high school diploma, who have 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days, be ineligible for driving privileges. School districts are required by this legislation to report to the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), the names of any students who have accumulated 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days. The student who is reported will be informed by the DHSMV that his/her name has been received and he/she may lose the privilege to drive. Should a student be contacted by DHSMV with information, he/she may initiate a request for a hardship waiver or a request for reinstatement of driving privilege through the Office of Student Affairs.

A hardship for employment is based on verification of need. The factor to be considered is the extent to which a student provides a substantial financial contribution for his or her livelihood or his or her family’s needs. A hardship for medical care is based on the need for transportation, for the student or his or her immediate family members living in the same household, to access required treatment. Consideration should be given to whether there are any other licensed drivers residing in the household.

Students who accumulate 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days will be reported by the school to the DHSMV. Please follow the attendance procedure that has been established in order that students not be reported unexcused when they should be excused. Please reach out to our Student Services Team and/or Administration with questions and/or concerns.

All students need to take hold of their commitment and potential to be the best they can be for himself/herself...and that commitment and potential starts with being on-time and present to each class Every Day.


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What's Happening in Sumner HS Athletics:

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Students and Families,

After collaboration with our leadership team, Sumner HS & Academy 2027 will be going to a NEW bell schedule for the 21/22 school year. We conducted research on our current bell schedule, school data, upcoming increased enrollment, other school bell schedules from across our school district and other school districts; and felt a modification will benefit our students in the future.

Some of the modifications include:

1. A daily homeroom/advisory period in which students will spend time with the same advisory teacher during their tenure at Sumner. We feel this addition will add benefits by establishing a strong relationship with a Sumner teacher that will support and mentor each student with the navigation of high school all the way through graduation.

2. Shorter lunch periods. We feel academic and mentorship time is extremely important for the benefit of our students. Additional personnel and lunch lines will be provided to support the decreased lunch periods and ALL students will have time to each a healthy balanced lunch each day.

3. Increased passing periods. Due to our larger enrollment next year, passing periods will be increased to 5 minutes between each class period to allow students adequate time to get to their next class.

Individual class periods will meet for the required time as mandated by the Florida Department of Education. We know modifications of a school bell schedule can bring some initial anxiety, but we do feel it will have positive long-term effects on our student body. Some slight modifications will occur as we finalize this new bell schedule throughout the summer.

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Please follow us on Twitter @HCPS_SumnerHS

#RaysUP #bethedifference