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Present Level - Formal and Informal Transition Assessment Examples...

Click on the link to see four different examples of information that could be contained in the "Formal and Informal Age Appropriate Transition Assessment" section of the Present level.

Inviting Outside Agencies

Please remember that outside agencies must be invited to all Junior/Senior IEP meetings and Sophomores who will be turning 16 during the term of the IEP. You can always invite an outside agency earlier if you feel it is appropriate. Release of Information forms must be signed before each meeting or at the beginning of the meeting if parent gives permission and it is documented in the Parent Contact log.!2315&authkey=!ADq8OhA-SVqXzRI&ithint=file%2cdoc


Peggy Shelton, M.A., Ed., M.S. Ed.

St. Charles School District Transition Program Coordinator