Songs Of 2013

Top 5

Let It Go


The number one song of 2013 is "Let It Go" by Demi Lovato. This song was in the movie "Frozen." This is a very nice and uplifting song that girls everywhere should listen to. It gives girls confidence and strength that is very important.

Contagious Love


The number two song is "Contagious Love" by Bella Thorne and Zendaya. It is a sweet pop song that makes you tap your feet to the beat. With a little twist of pop and retro, this song is top 5 worthy



The number three song in the top 5 is "Hurricane" by Bridget Medler. With a little rap and pop in the song it tells a great story through song. Its a great song to listen to all the time.



Zendaya returns to the top five with her song "Replay." It is a great dubstep and pop song and it is sure to get you dancing. Although she is older she continues to keep her natural look. She is a girls role model.

Counting Stars


One Republics newest song "Counting Stars" is blowing away the music world! With the soft pop tone, it is sure to have you singing along. It is number two on the music countdown list. This song is definitely a hit!