Why did america win?

Made by Izzy

The victory

The colonists learned how to fight from the Indians, They hid behind trees, They did sneak attacks and attacking the British supply lines. Another reason America won is because they were dumb enough to get lined up in neat little rows and marched very politely to their deaths, The red coats they wore made great targets as in where the colonists were more camouflaged and were not dumb enough to stand there and get shot/killed.

Is help on the way?

As america was close to winning France stepped in to help america to there victory with highly trained soldiers and Amazing leaders that lead america to there victory with Mr.washtion. The french also help with money and supplies so They were a Big help to america by doing that.

Good war tactics by america.

~We learned well from the Indians

~We did many good surprise attacks

~We had more spirit then the red coats

~By having the french help us

~Only shoot if you are 10 feet away

~Making sure they left no helpful reasouces for the red coats.

~By hiding in swamps and in the woods

~By knowing the land better then the red coats.

How did america Impact the world?

Ever since the world heard about america Beating the most highly trained troops/countries they wanted to start there own freedom so the french fought and won. This act told the world if they wanted something they could have it but only if they tried. This war sparked the world to fight for freedom and things they wanted to change or if they wanted their government changed.