Week 6 in Science 7/7H

Ms. Ansari's Amazing Scientists!

Week of Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2015

It's the end of the first six weeks!! The grading period ends Tuesday, the 29th. and I can hardly believe how fast time has flown!

We have just started our Plant Unit - "Plant Processes" and it promises to be fast-paced and very lab intensive. We are currently setting up our Tropism Lab to demonstrate Geotropism in bean seeds. We will learn more about water movement in plants and then go on to investigate photosynthesis and cellular respiration, among other things.

The unit culminates in a very exciting project, wherein the students get to build their own plant, adapted to survive in any one of their chosen Texas ecoregions! This will be an independent student project.

Science Fair Forms

Forms will be given to students this week so they can begin the sign -in process and hopefully get started on experiments. I hope to start returning their SF journals to them this week by Wednesday.

I will guide them on how to get started and will also guide them through the forms so as to start experiments as soon as we can. As it stands we are still ahead of our start date. Finished Projects (with all materials - binders, boards, etc.) are due in class Friday, November 13.

About Me

Fall is in the air and I am beginning to get back into cycling (IZIP E3 Dash) and knitting... Grading is also heating up and that is why I knit more :-)


Tests/Major Projects/Quizzes/Labs = 75%

(INB Grades are Quiz Grades.)

Daily Work/Homework = 25%

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Biology Lesson Idea: Plants, Tropisms and Hormones