Emily Marie Colon

Finals Words From Emily

​I joined SSS when I came to Odyssey in May of 2011. I met with Frank Holmes and he told me I met the requirements and that I should apply. I was very fortunate because when I came back in the Fall I found out that Frank would be my academic advisor which was great since he was a familiar face. I also participated in the Titan Advantage Program that summer and we kept in contact through the summer as well. My story is a little unique because I was gone from the University for two years, but I won't go into those details. When I returned in 2014, I received a new academic advisor Jolene ​Schatzinger. I was nervous because I was used to Frank, but he was still around even though not part of SSS any longer. Jolene was great and we developed a relationship and I loved how much she genuinely cared. Last school year, I once again received a new advisor. Her name is Cindy Lopez, well Cindy Johnson now. She is amazing! Not to say that Frank and Jolene weren't because they were, but the relationship I have built with Cindy is like no other. She is very understanding and kind and I know she cares about me and my future. She is incredibly useful. We have created not only a professional relationship, but a friendship that I know will last way past my undergraduate career that is soon coming to an end. This semester I received the opportunity to attend a graduate school workshop that I enjoyed and found very helpful thanks to Student Support Services and I am very grateful. SSS has been such an important part of my college career and I am extremely grateful and thankful for all the opportunities. Thank you SSS for all that you do!