Mr. Tonagel's Weekly Memo

Week of Sep. 12

College Go Week SRT Sept. 21

On Sept. 21 we will be recognizing College Go Week all week. College Go Week materials have been shared with teachers.

To help us distribute PSAT books and College GO Week materials next week we are going to have students meet in their cohorts (homerooms) during SRT on Wed.

Please help spread the word that on Wed., Sept. 21 all students will report to their homeroom for SRT. This is the same homeroom they reported to on Day 1 and the same one they will PSAT test in. I would anticipate we'll use homerooms for other schedules at some point too. This will be good practice for when we need to use them to PSAT test.

The cohort set-up allows us to organize students by grade level which makes things like testing and distribution of key materials easier. Please help spread the message to students in the next few days to go to their homeroom during SRT.

Slicer Resource Time

An overview of SRT programming can be found on my website under "Slicer Resource Time." I encourage you to check it out. Our CCR programming is developing nicely.

We will work to get SRT materials to you sooner so that you're not caught off guard. Thanks for your patience as we improve our programming.

As you've noticed our counseling staff has been communicating topics and resources for SRT. Mrs. Maxey sent out this week's info and is more than happy to answer your questions about college and career readiness. Our counseling dept. has done a great job putting together a plan for helping students prepare for college and career readiness. You can see the outline here.

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Skyward Mid Term Grades

Reminder: Skyward will pull grades on Tuesday, September 20th at 2:45 for the Trimester 1 mid-term.

Teacher 403(b) Meetings

Ameriprise (403 (b) plans) will be visiting LPHS on Monday, Sept. 26. Teachers can sign up for a time slot in Donna's office to meet with the rep.

2016 ISTEP+ Results

Results from last Spring's ISTEP+ have been released and there is state-wide concern about the number of students passing. We share the same concern and will be looking for ways to support our teachers and students. What we won't do is knee-jerk react to the results. We do need to understand how the ISTEP+ results relate to the ECA and PSAT. In English especially there is a considerable contradiction.

As this mess plays out please continue to provide high quality instruction, stick to our guaranteed & viable curriculum, differentiate to meet student needs, include lots of literacy, and plan relevant learning experiences. We won't be disappointed in this game plan.